VectorayGen 1.0 Real Time Vector Field Generator for Unity and UE4!

Whats up!

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After over a year of development on VectorayGen, I’m proud to say that my team and I have finally released VectorayGen 1.0 (Beta)! To see our website:

So what can VectorayGen do?

VectorayGen creates vector fields in real time in a matter of seconds, NOT hours. No more waiting for fluid simulations or drawing a ton of splines to get randomized vector fields.

VectorayGen also allows you to use vector math principles to create any vector field you can think of. The combinations are practically infinite!

List of current features:

*3D Viewport With GPU Particles and Vector Field Visualization Support
*A Plethora of Math Operators Such as Rotation, Cross Product, Translation, Randomize & More!
*Easy to Use UI and Node Graph System.
*Real-Time Vector Field Updates as You Change Vector Field Settings.
*Multiple Selection Methods to Manipulate Vector Fields.
*Intuitive Tutorials and insoftware documentation.
*Presets to learn from, we will consistently add to the list!
*Adjustable particle spawn positions and shape.

NEW UI Overview:

Some videos of vector fields in action:

Currently the main engine supported is Unreal Engine 4 + any internal engines at studios that can use .fga vector field files. Complete tutorials and full documentation will follow soon!

You can buy our unity plugin here: VectorayGen - Official Vector Field Plugin - FGA & 3D Texture Support - Effects Graph Compatible | Particles/Effects | Unity Asset Store

If you wanna purchase VectorayGen, go here! Software Pricing - JangaFX

If you want to try VectorayGen, which lets you export 10 vector fields before the trial ends: VectorayGen Download - JangaFX

Lastly, we have an active discord going for our community and tools, feel free to join!

Thanks guys!


Just wanted to drop by again and show off something I made with a combination of local and global vector fields generated in VectorayGen. All of the particle movement is dictated by vector fields.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hey! Another update here, our next release will be May 15th! We’ve also had a number of Artists request a one time buy feature vs monthly/annual subscriptions. So now we have monthly subscriptions where you pay for as long as you need it, or just buy the software and own it forever! :smiley: (currently only for indie users)

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting us!

Created a new scene with UE4 and VectorayGen, “The Blizzard”. I had a ton of fun making it and the camera work was quite intense. The blizzard/snow/smoke and the fire uses vector fields generated with VectorayGen for all of its motion!

God, the sound almost gave me a hearth attack.

The snow feels really big tbh. It looks more like hail, but it doesn’t seem to have the impact you would expect of hail. So it’s kind of uncanny in my mind.
You could try and make the snow smaller, and more diverese in size. You could also try to remove snow particles and use billboards to simulate snow.
I like the color use in the environment.

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We released our unity plugin/scripts! You can now export vector fields from VectorayGen and import them into unity! We currently don’t have GPU particles/compute shaders but this will be done in the coming months. Right now the plugin comes with 9 awesome vector fields and a few example scenes of both particles and rigid bodies being affected by vector fields.


  • Control rigidbodies or particles.
  • Animate the magnitude of the field over time using a curve.
  • Use all vector fields in the scene or a custom subset of your choosing for each particle system or rigidbody.
  • Emit particles from inside the Vector Field.
  • Adjust the visualization of the vector field in editor.

Our plugin accepts any vector field in .txt format as long as it is formatted correctly.

I updated the main post to reflect the release of VectorayGen 1.0!

We’ve worked for over a year to get this far and we have a number of new updates coming within the next few weeks!

Biggest improvements are our new node graph system and UI. We’re working on pushing out some new tutorials for this as well!


Congrats on the release, will definitely try it out!

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Been using this since the first alpha, things have improved immensely and cannot suggest the program enough!

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Killer stuff, congrats!

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And showing the animated vectors:

So we’re working on ways to create animated vector fields with ease. This was done without importing a fluid simulation and is all done with a few nodes and animated values over time.

Soon we’ll start work on a new UE4 plugin to expand what vector fields can do and it’ll be able to accept our animated vector fields in a special format.

You can see a great video of 1.01’s workflow in my latest tutorial: (no animated vector fields here).


Is there a standalone version of this tool?

check the website, it is standalone.

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I need to check this out! This looks really cool and promising.

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Please do!

And if anyone has any suggestions of features you’d like to see, just post them here and we’ll see if we can get them in.

1.02 will be out soon with plenty of fixes and additions. After that, 1.03 should have our spline tool integrated into it. 1.04 will probably be hand painting vector fields with your mouse and VR. 1.05 will probably be our animation toolset with respective plugins as well.

Mushroom Cloud/Liquid Foam test. 35 frames of 3d animation.

An animated vector field test in UE4 exported with our software. Quite tedious right this second, but once we get tools together and a solid plugin, it’ll be smooth as eggs.

200k particles for demonstration purposes, no this isn’t something you’d likely use in a game just yet :smiley:

1.02 should be released tonight.


can’t wait for this cool feature <3

Some feedback after using 1.01

Node system is really cool but there is a few moments:

  • You cant remove connection while you connect another node to module (like nodes in UE4)
  • You must always double click on node to see updates of it, it’s very annoying

It’s also will be cool if you made “save project” function without export

Thanks for the feedback!

In 1.02 we’ve fixed the nodes so that you can do this:

And the thought behind double clicking a node is whatever you double click is what is being previewed. What you single click is what you edit. So there are two selection modes. This way you can edit a node down the chain and continue previewing the end node. It’s also like this so that whatever node you double click and see in the viewport is what will be exported.

Do you have any other suggestions as to how it should work?


Save project will happen soon. For now you can press cntrl + C in your node graph and paste the script into a text file to save it. Then copy and paste it when you want it again. Not the best method, but a temporary fix.

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Hey Guys,

We released version 1.02 last week. We’ve got a ton of cool new features and bug fixes, including a memory leak, ouch.

You can now visualize your selections and blend them as well, forming gradients.

And you now have full control over how particles spawn, are colored, are sized, and their life times.