UOP GameJam 2020: No Shroom For Error Assets

Just participated in the University of Portsmouth Game Jam 2020 and not only have I come back with more VFX assets, but the awards for Best Looking Game and Best Game Overall! Super proud of my team Ē̷͖L̸̻̮͋̀Ḋ̴̨͕͠Ṛ̸͑I̸̺̣̅Ť̷͜ͅC̷̙̿͊Ḩ̴͖͊͝ ̸̣̭̓S̴̼̟̈́C̶̲̻͊R̷̫̠͘E̷͇͙͝Ă̶̫M̸̰̣̅̄I̷̗̔N̸̯͝G̴͔͋ for going ham for the past week! Anyways heres some assets:

*Cant be posting on this forum without some particle effects, so here is the spore and falling leaves particle systems I made! The spores were just some simple radial gradients subtracted by a cloudy noise, which were then given variations in Niagara. The leaf effect was made from the textures of the leaves on the trees.
blowing leaves spores

  • There is also this standard distortion post processing effect which I made by warping the texture coordinates of the post processing input through a panning noise. This effect plus a hue change effect made by our programmer start kicking in if the player eats too many poisonous mushrooms, which confuses the player
    distortion m

  • And finally, I worked on the lighting setup and overall colour palette for each level! I made use of UE4’s directional and skylights as well as their height fog to give each scene a mood as well as add some pretty god rays.

You can check out our game here!:

If you want to look at the portfolios of me and my team, then look at the following links!:

I think our team did an excellent job and I am very proud of them! :smiley:

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