Unreal : System Particles Scripting / Porgramming?

Hi everyone,

Im a new to The Unreal World and i wonder if is it possible to do per-particle operations with scripting (coding) in Unreal. something like this guy did on Unity : https://youtu.be/ruNPkuYT1Ck.

i dont know if the Blueprint can handle this kind of operations, for instance calculate the distance between particles.



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No, you can’t get any per particle data out from Cascade so you won’t be able to do anything fancy with blueprints.

If you want to make stuff like that, I recommend the PopcornFX plugin.


yeah…i already start checking PopCornFX and its really something :slight_smile:

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It is possible but you would have to work on UE4 source code version of it. There you have access to all Cascade interiors. You can do your own module which does what you need although it is not as straight-forward as in Unity/Popcorn.