Unreal Engine 4 Particle effect - Protoss Warp-in

Hey guys!

I want to share with you my last personal work, obviously inspired by great starcraft :slight_smile:



Cool!! Wanna see being nexus

Looking cool!

However the start doesn’t look too aesthetically pleasing:

Perhaps add some bigger size and brightness variation as a starting point.

Also these blocks visually do not marry up with the spawning that happens straight after.

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You have a lot of good elements going on here! I used to be a huge protoss player, and I think you added some good flavor to the warp in. Your shapes are on point, and I especially like the movement you got going on (The little subtle jiggle on the cubes is great!)

There are two things that jump out to me the most: The bloom and the timing.

  • The bloom, while it’s beautiful in some instances, is a little too intense, and makes it hard to see all the beautiful shapes you have layered in there. I lose that snazzy lighting and the shape of the portal. I don’t think you need to get rid of the bloom completely, but toning it down as relying more on what you have will really push it!

  • The timing is a little even paced the entire way through, and while I know the timing in Starcraft is pretty slow for this particular effect, but I think this is where you can really try and make it your own! Upping up the speed on parts of your effect and keeping it slow in others can create a pleasing contrast that feels more impactful. Timing is something I’ve struggled with in the past, and what has helped me out was always to make the starting action or build up quick, then let the falloff linger. You could even try playing around and reversing it! It might give you a different feeling or purpose to your effect!

But overall, this looks super rad! I want to see more!

Thank you guys for juicy feedback. In the free time I will try my best to make this effect as good as possible :slight_smile:

Definitely check on Heroes of the Storm, they just released the protoss drone and he might have something similar or at least you can pull ref or inspiration from his ability fx