UE4 Question: rotating sprites based on bone/mesh rotation

Hey, I’m fairly new to VFX and Unreal and I’ve been struggling to find a solution to this.

So, I’ve got a particle system attached to an animated mesh and I want the rotation from the mesh/bone to get applied to the sprites. But even though I think the rotation info is getting attached to the particle system, the sprites do not rotate with the Psystem.
How can I ensure that the sprites are updated by the rotation of the mesh? Any help is appreciated! (also i’m very new to blueprints so if I need to work in blue prints as part of the solution please be detailed, thanks!)

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you probably just need to set the particles to use Local Space - check the option in the required module. They’ll move with the attachment too. If you need them to rotate with the mesh but still trail behind you can use velocity aligned and then the velocity direction with rotate with the mesh but the particle location with still trail.

hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply, I checked -use local space- and -velocity aligned- and it still stays oriented with the fireball pointed down. Any other ideas?

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