UE4 - Particle emitter sorting problem

How does the UE4 engine solve the sorting problem between particle emitters using translucent materials?

I am looking for a way to avoid depth-sorting problems regardless of the emitter array order.

I am using one emitter to create the desired shape to avoid this problem.
This is a bit of a complement, but it increases the difficulty of emitter setup.
and with other emitters added, the sorting problem recurs.

If you have any suggestions on how to solve this problem, please let me know.

I have also asked this issue in the Unreal Forums.

Shot in the dark from me as I haven’t messed with sorting much myself, but in the Required tab, have you tried adjusting the Sort mode?

The sort mode is only applied to each emitter.
It does not apply to all particles that have multiple particles.
there is no problem with mask or opaque material.
The Unreal Engine is an old issue, but we are looking for a solution.

Unreal is notoriously bad at sorting.

Thing’s I’d try:
Manually set the bounds of the inside smoke to be larger than the ring.
Split the ring into ring segments so it won’t show both in front of and behind the center.

sort mode is only for the particles within each emitter, for different emitters within the same effect they sort so that the ones on the right are in front of the ones on the left (arrow keys move the emitters)

you could also try separating the effect into two different systems - it sorts them based on whichever system origin is closer to the camera.

What kind of camera do you have in your game? if it’s top down or sidescroller then you should be able to just arrange the systems to sort correctly. if it’s 1st or 3rd person then you could try setting up a blueprint that dynamically arranges the systems to sort correctly.

this is a very common problem in games engines and even the best looking games have it sometimes so if it’s just an occasional thing then i wouldn’t worry about it too much

I have seen for a long time the same issue solved in a video from “Makin’ Stuff Look Good”
It´s maybe not the cheapest solution but it´s a way.

this is useful.
Now I understand the video.
In the movie, it seems to create several emitters depending on the angle. :smile_cat:
particle setup will be complicated, but it seems like a good idea.

I want to create an effect that can be used regardless of first person or third person.
I wish there was a clear way, even if the process is not perfect.
I have set up alpha processing and render order settings so that I can not see the sorting problem as far as I can.

i placed the particles at 45 degrees apart.
There seems to be no big problem with sorting.


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Looks nice, that’s a very reasonable solution. I’ve also seen this problem solved by incorporating a masked opaque material in the center bit (which you set to sort behind the ring) to sort of prop up the particles in the middle by occluding the particles in the ring behind them.

I do not understand how to mix masks.
Could you explain by image?