[UE4] Looking for feedback - Sci fi Beam Effect

I made Sci fi concept Beam effect for my portfolio
and i want some feedback to make this better
Color, Timing, Shape anything OK

I use substance designer and Photoshop for texture
3ds max for meshes

pls, give some nice ideas
Thanks! :smiley:


for me the leisure beam at the end doesn’t match here. use a thin line and then a cylinder with Fresnel. btw overall looks good though bit slow :slight_smile:

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You mean like this?

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like the new beam, fits the style better. I’m no expert, but I find the timing after the spin lackluster, there doesnt seem to be much payoff. So the solutions I can think of, is shorten the time between the end of the spin and the start of the laser (or even fire the laser while it spins, just a quick extend then retract as it fires?), or make the laser feel like it has more impact (particles following the beam direction that dissipate a bit later, maybe a bit of heat distortion, etc.

Just some ideas to try out, overall it looks good.

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