UE Bump Offset VS Decals

Hey guys, I saw this post from Tuatara on X today, and was wondering what the differences between this bump offset approach and decal materials are? In which situations would you use which of the two?

Tuatara’s posting:

You can use the depth buffer with a bump offset function to map textures to the geometry. The influence parameter controls the amount of distortion based on the depth height map. It is convenient for dynamic UI elements, damage effects…
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UE mini-tut by Tuatara - use depth buffer with bump offset as decals


looks like he’s showing the bump offset effect using a decal and then on a particle sprite. the difference is a decal projects a material in one direction while sprite is generally set to rotate to face the camera. he may be using some world position offset to bring the sprite particle a bit closer to the camera so it doesn’t clip into the mesh.

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Aaah, I see! Thanks Cel! :v: