UDEMY COURSE - Unreal Engine 4 - VFX for Games - Beginner to Intermediate

Since the beginning of 2020 I started recording a new Udemy Course, aimed for Beginners to Intermediate, that want to learn Visual Effects in Unreal Engine 4 and with Niagara.

The course starts with the Theory, then moves on to some simple Sparks, just to get familiar with Niagara. We go a bit deeper into VFX for Games by creating an AoE attack. To finalize we see how to develop two distinct projectiles. One Fireball and an Electric Spell.

And of course, I made sure to mention this great forum in the course. As a good place to find references, get in contact with the industry professionals, find technical and creative feedback and get challenged too! :nerd_face:

I’m gonna leave the link here, for anyone who is looking for a place to start learning VFX for Games in Unreal Engine 4 with Niagara.

Oh and screenshots:

Cheers and stay well !



I have your Unity version of this course.

Will I pick up any new techniques that could be applied in Unity through this course?

Any plans for an intermediate to advanced Unity course?

I’ll pick this up for a rainy day, I’m just trying to wrap my head around vfx in one engine at a time. I appreciate these courses, you rock!

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Thanks man, appreciate the love!

Well this is a similar course from the Unity one. Beginner to Intermediate. But entirely made with UE4, and Niagara. Niagara is one of the main focus here. It’s really powerful, and in some ways very similar to VFX Graph from Unity. Other then that, something that the Unity course doesn’t have is the Electric Spell for example

Yes something more advanced is planned for Unity in a not so far future, hopefully.

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Popping in to say this is a good series (so far). I was intimidated a bit by Niagara at first, but your tutorial is helping get me up to speed on it quite quickly. Thanks!

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Thank you. Glad you are enjoying so far

this looks awesome, just what i need since ive been looking to learn Niagra for a while now but never knew where to get started.

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I hope it can guide you in the right direction. Any questions let me know in the Q&A section.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hey buddy. just wanted to give you a little update. Your course is really superb, clear concise and full of helpful tips and concepts. Thank you soo much for putting this out :slight_smile: hopefully this will give me the edge I need to get my career going in RT-VFX.

hope your doing well in all this madness.

All the best!

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Hey dude, thank you for the legit feedback, it’s very much appreciated.

One of the purposes of the course is to hopefully jumpstart someone’s career in vfx for games, help them with the first steps (and a bit more ofc). So yeah I hope you feel more comfortable with the vfx tools and confident enough to challenge yourself to come up with original effects. Don’t stop practicing.

Wish you good luck, stay well man :slight_smile:

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Hey! I saw this course in the udemy store
was thinking to pick it up
how in depth does it go into things like making custom modules in niagara? I’m hoping to get to know that stuff as deeply as i can

Hi, well the course is more focused on helping people getting started with Niagara and VFX for games. We don’t see how to create custom modules for example.