Switching from Unreal to Unity. Any Tips/Things to know going in?

I have nothing against Unreal but I feel like the kind of stylized VFX I make could be done just as well or even better in Unity. The only reason I started in Unreal was because it was the only game program being taught at my college. Though it took me a long time to realize that the games I wanted to work on were being made in Unity. Plus I’ve missed a lot of great job opportunities because I didn’t know it so I decided I was going to give it a shot.

Is there anything I should know getting into it, like “stuff I wish people told me when I first started”?

I have a solid background in the unreal engine, currently, I am working as a VFX artist in Unity - hard times, so sometimes we have to make small changes. Without any skills in c#, you might be pretty useless - I feel like that. Unreal is still winning in everything, blueprints for making some logic, particle system, and scratch pad is a heaven compared to the unity options.

If there were a choice, I would love to stay with the unreal 4ever.


If you really wish to hear something:

You should stay with the Unreal. Catching the first job in those times in the gamedev is pretty hard. If you switch engines right now, it wouldn’t be that colorful, you will have to learn and practice a new engine with a different UI and learn new particle systems (shuriken and vfx graph) with different workflows. So it wouldn’t help you to find a job in a short period.

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  • remember one very important thing.

If you’re making stylized vfx in the unreal, same setup wouldn’t look better in the unity. It’s all about your skillset and abilities.


I am a Unity user. As BlazejOrlowskiVFX said, it is all about skill set and abilities.
By the way, Unity also has visual scripting like Blueprints, but I prefer to type my code instead. I also recommend staying with UE because most job opportunities require you to use UE. However, in my opinion, I just don’t like the UX in Unreal. For me, it is very bad, so I went back to Unity even after trying to use UE many times.

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