Star Citizen - Ground Storms, Jump Points and More!

While I remain pretty much a daily lurker, It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. However now that our annual CitizenCon event has finished, I’m excited to share our latest demo, showcasing Cloud Imperium Games’ recent VFX work:

I’ve linked to part 2 of the demo (we book-ended the event with a 2 part demo, but I think demo 2 is most relevant to this community). Our core themes this year were dynamic ground storms and jump points, each of which heavily depend on visual effects to convey the experience to the player. But the truth is, there were so many other effects needed for this demo, it would take a lot of words for me to list them all! :slight_smile:

Some timestamped highlights:

Into the storm, boy is it cold!

Back into the storm, suited and booted!

Heading into a gas cloud!

Prepare to jump!

Inside the jump tunnel!

We’re not in Cansas any more Toto!


Sooo amazing!!! :sparkles:

Fantastic job as always @Snowy

thats some beautiful work!

Awesome stuff. Thanks for posting!

Hi! Been a long time.
Looks amazing.
It`s pity that I could not join your team. But I really proud of your great work.

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The snow in that demo was stunning.
and the weather effects on the window inside the base were beautifully nuanced.

Bravo Snowy!

Nicely done, the work looks amazing!

Thanks for the kind words everyone! We’ve uploaded a video talking about the jump points, and there’s lots of juicy footage of our volumetric gas clouds (VDBs) and slightly trippy jump tunnels (worm holes!)