Spawning problem in niagara

Hello, I have some problem with this spawning.
I’d like to have the ice spawn in order, not the same time, and shoot in order too.
What should I do?
Thank you.

You can set an emitter to loop “multiple times” and set it to 7 then use the delay to indicate how much time there should be between each spawn.
You can even variate it slightly by making the spawn delay random and looptime recalculation.

As for the spawn logic itself, using shapelocation => Cylinder => Direct spawning and using UniqueID, you can easily make it wrap around like this.

To make it shoot in order, make the shoot logic start a fixed amount delayed after spawn, which can be easily done by checking Particles.Age against some set delay value.

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Hi Niels,
Thank you very much for you guide.
Well, I did it, I was confuse and self study a little bit, with some more help.
The method is similar to yours, dont know if it a best method but I will show it here.
It just a simple control of cylinder.
And linear force for the movement

But now I have new problem.
If I use linear force, the ice will penetrate through the collision…
Do you know how to deal with this?