[SOLVED] Projectile trail fade before delete on collision in Unreal

Hi folks, I was wondering how I can let my projectile trail first fade away when it collides.

So I have a separate Cascade particle and I deactivate it on collision. But it disappears instantly.
How would I let it first fade away?
This is what my emitter’s required module looks like:

Any help is welcome! :slight_smile:

This discussion is continued from a Shannon Berke post

Is your projectile a particle or a blueprint? Just for clarification reasons: you want the trail not to disappear instant when your projectile, on which the trail is attached, collides?

If your projectile is a blueprint and it gets destroyed on collision and the trail is part of this projectile blueprint it also gets destroyed on collision. One way to make the trail not disappear would be to not destroy the projectile on collision. You could switch the visibility of the projectile mesh on collision and destroy it after a delay, so you can see the trail fade away.

The trail is a particle component attached to my BP. In this example you see an electric bullet and it’s supposed to stick to the tank for a while doing bleeding damage.

Ok. So your projectile is a blueprint that gets destroyed on collision and everything attached to it will also gets destroyed. I guess you have to prevent the projectile blueprint to get destroyed on collision. So the trail is still “alive” and can fade out.

It is not getting destroyed. The mesh is hidden when you hit a tank and stays visible when you hit the environment.

Hm, maybe don’t deactivate the emitter on collision?

Uhu, but it will keep emitting because the emitter doesn’t have an ending because the emitter loops is set to 0 (infinite).

So set the loops to 1 and the duration to 1. I mean, it looks like your projectile is never longer on the screen.

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That might be an easy fix. Although I’m wondering if there is a way without having to do this trickery. But I might use that technique if i can’t find other potential fixes. Thanks man!

@Kashaar once shared a solution for this in the discord:

So it turned out my programmer was lying. He said he used Deactivate (in c++). But he didn’t, and that’s why I din’t find a fix for this issue. I tried that deactivate technique in blueprints and it worked fine for me.Particle
Thanks for the help.