[Solved] Houdini Vertex animation texture issue with the diffuse map

Hello everyone!

I’m trying out the Vertex animation tool to get RBD simulations inside UE 4.
I’m able to get the motion part just fine as the mesh is behaving how I want to. The problem is I’m not sure how to apply the diffuse map from the original geometry into the VAT material

I would like to be able to fracture assets that are already UVed and textured and apply those same textures in the engine.

Here’s a couple screens of my set up and the results that I’m getting:
Over here I have the mesh that gets generated by the VAT node in Houdini and the desired diffuse map

And here’s the same mesh with the VAT material and corresponding values applied to it, but the diffuse is all over the place

This is the setup for my material right now

I’d appreciate it if you could help me sort out this problem that I’m having

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I hadn’t heard of this before, but your post got me interested and I did a bit of research. Have you tried copy & pasting the shader code from Houdini? In the shader there are custom UV generated.

The MF he’s using is the new way of doing it. That’s still pasted from the Houdini node. My tutorial is out of date.

Also, why would you post the link to someone who stole the tutorial and reuploaded it :frowning:

OMG… I am so sorry I didn’t realise it was stolen. I had realised that I would not have posted it… Again sorry about that, I meant not offence

I figured out what I was doing wrong…It was the UVs in the material:

CustomUV1 and CustomUV2 gotta match UV1 and UV2 in the material inputs…how did I not notice this? lmao