Sketch #22 Winners and Badges




Congrats to everyone who participated, all of the entries were absolutely amazing.

The judges have delibirated all of the entries and have chosen a favorite and runner up.

And,… The favorite is … drumroll : Spyro! : Spyro : Sketch #22
Spyro has taken the the tornado concept and ran with it to 7 completely different extremes, his ability to present these concepts in fun and intersting ways, wins him the golden badge and a video critique by a master VFX artist.

The runner up is… drumroll : Lush: Lush: Sketch #22
Lush has developped a wide variety of interesting ideas and has created some beautiful pieces out of that.

If you didn’t have time to finish your entry, feel free to continue to iterate on it. Alternatively if you want a new challenge have a look at this weeks “Cute magic” sketch: Official VFX Sketch #23: Cute Magic

Thank you to everyone who participated, we’ll be granting the badges shortly.!


Amazing work from everyone! Congrats @Spyro and @Lush on the beautiful work :heart_eyes:


Congratulations for the winners! @Spyro and @Lush! Good job! c:


amazing work! well done everybody :slight_smile:


congratz! well deserved!


Congratulations! You both had great conceptual and technical diversity in all your effects, and your threads were really interesting to read


Thank you all ! Loved this month sketch :]


Congratulations everyone! Look’s very cool! Great work :grinning::tada:


Had a fun time participating! Looking forward to the next sketch :gem:


Here’s my feedback video for @Spyro . I don’t think it says anything he doesn’t already know. :slight_smile:
Very nicely executed effects and if I had to pick a winner it would be entry 4 or 5.

Well done!


@Partikel Thanks ! That’s some really nice advices you gave me here. I’m happy that you liked ! :smile:


Good job everyone !)


Congrats @Spyro and @Lush!
And good job everyone else, hope you had fun :relaxed: !


Congrats to everyone! :clap: :clap: