Sketch #11: Gage

Hey guys! So I’m on here as much as I possibly can as well as the Discord. But, unfortunately, I don’t post much. So, I wanted to try the sketch out. I’m really sorry if the post sucks haha.

Here’s one of the most current shots so you don’t have to scroll down if you don’t want to :slight_smile:

First I wanted to make a blood impact shot. I was able to construct the following with meshes created in Houdini and drops with normals. (Thank you, Andreas).

Yet, after I made it I felt like I need to do more. My plan is to blow up the UE4 mannequin’s head using meshes from Houdini. Similar to this example:

Then I found this hilarious example from the Eric Andre show.

If you guys have any Houdini tips for to make this I am all ears!


I was unable to play with Houdini today so I played with substance designer and Unreal’s cascade.

I use substance designer but typically for small things, so I bought and followed a tutorial. For which I REALLY recommend, especially for this month’s sketch. It’s very cheap!

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that substance shader is sweet looking :slight_smile: i like the gibs!!

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that substance is gnarly. HOwd you do the blood splatter? render out an an animation from Houdini?

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Thank you! I’m more of a material wizard and I barely used substance designer in the past but after taking a look at these master tutorials. Man, I’ll be using substance for like everything haha.

Actually I just rendered out a mesh and controlled where it dissipates with the alpha over time in cascade.

I got the idea from Andreas’ tutorial about Splash Meshes from Houdini:

oh wow, i’ll have to try that ! thanks :smiley:

Yeah, works really well! When you get a mesh in there it responds to the light better than a plane would. If you’re having any issues or what ever feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

This is my first time really doing a fluid simulation in Houdini but with a little help it turned out acceptable haha. I’ll continue to work on it but I wanted to make sure that it worked in real-time. So here it is!

In Houdini:

In Unreal:

Please if you have any notes, I would love to hear them!


nice! i really like some of the shapes you were able to get out of the fluid sim. especially those really stringy ones at the edge that just slap down. is there anything specific that you think helped get you some of those shapes?

my one critique would be how it’s almost symmetrical. i would add a bit of angular velocity to it to give it a little more of a direction. something that helped me out that was suggested to me was rotating my collision plane so it had a bit of a downward slope. i also used a bit of slip on collision after enabling viscosity on the flipsolver node.

thats all of course if the impact is not just dropping straight down.

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Most of the stringy shapes I think came from playing with the viscosity of the fluid.

That’s a good note I was thinking it needed to be a little bit more asymmetrical as well. Also, great suggestion about rotating the collision plane. I have one section that just takes so much longer to drop than the rest, so I definitely will try that!

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Hey guys! I’ve kept busy since the last post. Here’s some progress, let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

Note: I still need to make it a little less symmetrical and raise the sim in Houdini. But, before I cached out another one I wanted to get some input if you guys have the time!


I like your first one alot! Like the addition of the different meshes to it to give it that flesh feel to it. For the second I think it just needs a second pass on those slaps- like the only way I can think to describe it is like flicking paint in slow motion? The closest video I have found is this one, but it just seems to me the last bits of it are lingering just a bit too long before they hit the floor. Like they are hesitating in a way? Take a gander at this- it was the closest I could find to sort of what you are doing? At any rate maybe it could be inspirational?

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Que this is some interesting reference man, thanks!

Yeah currently I’m trying to get the piece that stays so long to be faster. Having a little trouble with the sim, but should be fixed today or tomorrow!

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Do I ever feel that. First time in Houdini for me so the other day I had the sim just bug completely out because of a bad expression so I feel that. Can’t wait to see the update!

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Haha, it’s a fantastic program but unusually difficult to master! I’ve been messing around with it on and off this past year and still feel like I know nothing at all!

I’ve been a little busy with finals and I had a few problems with a blueprint in UE4 but this is a sim I’ve been working on. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


looks good, but its actually in slowmotion :smiley:

excellent :wink: I really like the movement and the interaction on the body

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Thank you man, I imported it as a vertex animation. But it’s looking a bit funky so hopefully I can get it looking nice in real time :slight_smile:


Today has been a long day! So I fixed the animation issue causing those triangles here

But then I needed to explode the head so I exported the mannequin and divided the geo in two so I could keep the body intact. After that I had a lot of issues for some reason Houdini wasn’t taking into account the velocity. After 3 hours of trying to figure it out I rebooted my computer and it worked just fine… So here that is!

Next step is put it all in engine!