Sketch #11: Cain Hopkins

Progress Shot:

Progress Shot

Hello there everyone! My name is Cain. First real time posting here. Love gore and love effects so here I go on my epic journey to make this thing happen. Rather than focus on the standard gunshot wound, I decided to go a bit of a different route heavily inspired by bloodworms, leaches, and the look of flesh. I first started with some basic sketches. Then I have moved on to getting the blockout animation done as well working within Houdini to get those juicy-looking fluid sims for the blood like vomit/blood stuff it is going to spew. I hope to have the bulk of this done by the weekend then continue to iterate and tweak things until the 30th and all.

I have never animated anything before or worked in Houdini so this has already been a huge learning experience for me overall. Shoutout to my patient teacher who sat down with me to teach me the basics of rigging within the last 30 minutes of class today. @hyperjams

Bloodworm Close Up (Mute sound because these guys are loud!)


So first I started with the sketches though. Exploring this idea of gore and what gore is to me. Obviously, Doom comes to mind when thinking gore and I have always been super interested as an artist in just depicting disgusting gory creatures. (I just think they can be fun.) So I started sketching in my sketchbook about timing and what that might look like and what I could do with the tools I have. I don’t know why I gravitated towards this flesh like worm creature but I thought working with the timing reaction in the vfx with the bile/spewing gore could be fun. So I pulled up some weird looking worms and leaches, one being the bloodworm most of all. Here is some reference imagery I collecting when thinking about this idea.


( For that nice looking VRay heart picture)


This is me beginning to play around with fluid sims within Houdini. So far- love the results. It took me a few days to adapt to the interface but honestly, I love it. I thought it was going to be much harder than it ended up being. After tweaking this some more my next step will be exporting out a mesh, cleaning it up, then taking it into unreal.


Sorry about the quality. This was the basic block out animation. It isn’t as smooth in the gif because that would make the gif enormous but this was where I started blocking out my beats. Timing and getting this thing to look like it apart of the vfx is really important for me during this learning experience so I am focusing on the marriage of timing and effects to bring this basic thing to life. (As well as materials)


So this is the material that I am gonna be using for this guy or at least the first iteration I have of it so far. Not sure if the gif does it justice but I wanted this just gross pulsating flesh-like material. Right now it has flow maps that guide the pulsation through this temporary model’s uv’s so I edger to see the result of it being on the model and interacting with the vfx of the blood/bile. Plus seeing as these are just temp basic shapes with the most half baked of UV’s I think the guide will flow much smoother giving it that truly gross gore-esc feeling to it. I would like to bring some more color into it if I have time but I really wanna focus on the vfx so good enough temporarily.

I will continue to post updates of my progress and hope everyone enjoys this weird/gross bloody flesh worm as much as I am!


Cool! Reminds me of Erik Fergusons Houdini experiments.
Blurred because it’s quite disgusting.

Hidden video here. (A bit disgusting)


Oh! This is so cool. I have never seen this before. Thank you for the resource. Wow. Definitely will have to add that to the list of reference.

I got shivers looking at that…

Haha! Thanks! I will be doing an update today/tomorrow!

Hey there everyone! Here with an update. Finished out with the Houdini sim system so now tweaking the sim and getting that sucker over and uploaded into unreal. Seeing as this is my first time animating let alone something with particles attached to it, it has definitely been a learning experience. So now after the animation is all said and done and in unreal it’s all about getting those particles to play and play right. Here is the initial block in for everything. Importing more meshes and playing around with the textures as well as the look and feel of it. Just wanted to update you all on progress. I am always open to feedback, suggestions, inspiration tags etc. Gotta get the stream feeling more stream and I wanna bring in some more drippy bits to fling. But more tomorrow!


After researching I FINALLY got the animations to work after rereading over Unreal’s documentation on particles with animations. Also thanks to @McT.Trevor for helping me on getting that pour to have some nice color variance as well as walking me through that rotation to make it look waaay better. I am gonna tweak some more aspects but here is a shot of it actually working properly.

Alright- last but not least the final touches on everything. Tried out some transparency in the material for the effect. I feel like there could be alot more stuff added like preliminary blood drips, introducing back in a super splash at the bottom, etc. But for now, I am done enough to say okay the first pass is ready. I will definitely revisit this in time but for a first-hand animation, houdini, cascade combo I am pretty happy with it. I am always open to feedback/what can I do to make this better for the future, etc. This has been a load of fun and for those who haven’t played around in Houdini fluids yet, I highly suggest it.

No Translucency:

Tried to upload a video of the final but for some reason, the quality just was way worse than these two gifs here.


awesome!! reminds me of the 2006 game Prey or from Half-Life