Shr1mpsy: Sketch #31 - Winter Mimics

My submission for the Winter Mimics challenge:

More information down below :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I’m joining the challenge to make some environment effects. Wishing to have snow in Germany - I gonna make some snow storm effect in UnrealEngine :grinning::snowflake:

Here is my current state:

Without the snow storm:

The main reference:

Road Map:

  • Pretty much everything. Environment with new snow textures. Tweaks on fog and snow. Color grading, Lighting.

Any feedback is super appreciated. :slight_smile:


Looking rad for now, good job !

I am super curious about the overdraw, as I always scratch my head on environmental effects :smile:

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
'Trying environmental effects for the first time. For the WIP I haven’t optimized particle effects for overall performance yet. Atm it’s a little expensive, just a bit :innocent:

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You’re definitely getting the mood set, it looks cooooold :grinning:

little bit of random vertex anim (noise shivering?) on the animals would look awesome :slight_smile:
wow, good demonstration how much vfx can make a scene feel complete!

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Thank you, Dom! :slight_smile:
Currently, animals are placeholder - I hope the get enough time to set my idea up. Vertex animation would’ve been a quick solution for the animals! Will keep that in mind.

While I went through my artbooks, I remembered the epic snow scene from Star Wars Episode V. Now I want to recreate 2 scenes from Battle of Hoth :slight_smile:

Current rough WIP progress.

The last days I did mostly R&D. Since I’ll do most of the stuff for the first time, I had to test out what I need for my idea. For example sequencer and postprocess (snow is still a placeholder).


  • camera movement, like someone is using binoculars
  • focus and length adjustment for the zoom -> the person is staying at the same spot
  • little camera shake


  • Setting up a material
  • binoculars overlay textures

Next step: I bought an AT-AT Walker model from Turbosquid. I tweaked the walking animation from the AT-AT, so they all start walking diffrently at the beginning.

Battle of Hoth, Star Wars Episode V. I want to add my snow storm to this two scenes. :slight_smile:

Setting up a postprocess material, every black color will become invisible for the camera. To get the black frame for the camera you can’t just make an alpha mask and color it black… this will just become invisible aswell. The solution is adding a subtract node to your texture.


I love this scene! The way they made it is incredible. If you want check it out:

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My submission for the Winter Mimics challenge:

I wouldn’t call it done. This time I wasn’t able to reach my initial goal. I underestimated the ammount of work to create all the elements including research. However, it was totally fun to learn about elemental effects such as the snow storm and I’m very motivated to learn more in this field :slight_smile: This challenge was a great opportunity to learn so many new techniques like postprocess, sequencer, laser and more.

Reference I used for my little scene, mine is slightly different (no zooming to the AT-AT foot as I didn’t have much time for research for stepping on the snow - like ground deformation etc.)

Star Wars: Episode V

Battlefront II

The only thing that I created outside the engine are the binocular UI elements - I animated them in After Effects. At first I wanted to create everything in Unreal Engine, but I messed something up with my postprocess. For example, the black border wasn’t black anymore. For the amount of time given, I thought this was a faster approach, as I wanted to focus more on the snow storm.

Postprocess material I made, color grading in-engine + CRT lines:

One final detail: laser :slight_smile: