Should I use UE5 instead of UE4?

Hi everybody ! I’m a junior vfx artist mainly using Unreal Engine.

I was wondering if in my case It would be better to use UE5 since the first version came out a few times ago or should it be more practical to use UE4 for the upcoming fx that should come to my portfolio ?
I know for a production perspective it wouldn’t be a good idea to go through UE5 now lol but just for practice and learning do you think it’s worth it ? And do you think there won’t be too much gaps between the things i could find on UE4 tutorials and that I would try to apply on a UE5 vfx project ?

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The difference between UE4 and UE5 isn’t drastic enough, as long as you use Niagara, you should be prepared to work both with UE4 and UE5


Short answer: No.

The editor tools in UE5 that relate to VFX are essentially the same. However UE5 is buggy and unstable.

feel free to experiment with the cool new lighting tech, but as far as working in engine goes: Your experience will be smoother in UE4 and more relevant to studio work.


I decided to try both in the end but my choice was to use UE4 ! the first reason was that my pc is not a very powerful one, I often have fps drops while using UE4 and it gets worst with UE5 even after removing the options that create more fps drops. I also have strange artefacts on the bottom of my screen probably due to Nanite. The second one is because of the fact that indeed it is quite unstable and a lot of people told me that as well. It is a problem also whith Houdini since even if a few solutions for using Houdini in UE5 can be found on the internet, nothing really optimized and 100% effective is available at the moment. Since I really need to make the bridges between Houdini and UE4 work I decided to stay with UE4 and test the new features of the engine when they are fully optimized for utilisation :slight_smile: (and also when I’ll have a computer that allows me to test them hahah…)