Shannon McSheehan - LoL FX + Knowledge Share

Holy shit! sorry for the language, but I was not expecting a tutorial that wicked. I will study this in detail tonight! I used to find making these textures such a pain in the ass!

You’re the best!

Another example of textures I was talking about was this one. Always found fluid looking shockwaves like this a pain in the butt to do. The colours you guys use are very nice btw.


Very impressive!!

side note for abstract trails, I have used this in the past, works pretty well.


I love flame painterrr!! I haven’t actually used it straight up for a texture, would love to see any examples of what that would look like though. Do you use it a lot Lee?


typically the same scroll x2 textures applied to a circle mesh that simply scales and is attached without local inheritance, but the number of facets can break fluidity due to the triangle/UVs

can also use a XZ flat procedural trail orbiting(+translating out) around the character for a ‘snake like’ propagation… or a typical trail that extend world-up for a wall of fire to be painted around them


Gorgeous work Shannon! Love the colors :blush:

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@Augie I used a texture: diffuse / alpha

scrolling across a mesh with crunched UV’s like this gif:

I had a quad under the mesh with another texture, with similar colors:

Scale at a different speed :
Then add all the other stuff

I edited a few elements so the gif wasn’t too long, so it does look a little different. O well!
Nothing too fancy :3

I believe the method Torbach mentioned I used in the second half of Maokai’s ult, not illustrated in the video, so I made a gif of the two ways side by side. I didn’t take the time to loop the second way haha, sorry!

They are both using the same mesh, the second just has the same texture scrolled at half the speed in the opposite direction. Like Torbach said your texture can look like butts if you don’t have enough tessellation.

@Torbach I’ve never used that second method, though I THINK I understand how you would do it. If you have an example I’d like to see!


I used it to build textures like this. Though I feel there is a look that you consistantly get out of these programs that makes them a little limited They always have a sharp spindly look. Still pretty cool though.

Im talking about programs like flame painter btw. Just realised it doesnt show which post im quoting.

Thanks so much for showing all this stuff. I think im going to work on some more spell stuff tonight. You inspired me!

Also those decals look super cool!


here’s a version slowed


O that’s great! Looks really cool, I’ll have to try it!!


I have used it in the past, the full version worked well for 1 project. the trick was to use a wacom and keep the curves somewhat straight. Filter forge is mostly used for my texture enhancements these day :slight_smile:

@ShannonBerke fantastic breakdowns, we need to add these to the resource library
@Torbach awesome movement!

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Shannon. You are the force multiplier. You are able to take the original effects on your re-works so much further, it’s awesome!


AHHH TROOYYY I miss you! This really means a lot, thank you so much!! :slight_smile:


Ahhhh this is so helpful! I’m so excited to try something like this!

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That is amazing! Thanks for sharing.


Amazing work, with mini-tutorials a great help for noob artist like me :smiley:

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That’s wonderful to hear! :smiley:

If there is anything you’d like to learn how to do I’d be happy to share.


Thanks for the reply, :wink: I am gonna bug you with a lot of questions soon! :smiley:

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You’re work is such an inspiration, truly awesome stuff :slight_smile:
You guys over at Riot rock, keep it up!


:smiley: Thank you so much for the kind words!


Awesome work! Thanks so much for the tutorial.

I’m rather new to the world of VFX but I’m trying to pick up as much as I can, so apologies for the beginner question:

For the final dynamic effect you’ve shown, is that achieved by panning UVs on a plane with tweaked vertex colours?

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