Question about meshes + UV scrolling

I have a question regarding using meshes with UV tricks to create effects like how Shannon McSheehan had described in her famous post


In her illustrations, you can see that the UV scrolling occurs once per effect.

What is the approach for properly making this effect where the texture scrolls over the UV only happen once per particle rather than looping? Is it just about messing with the timing of the emitter and the speed of the scrolling or is there a more precise trick?

You can have scrolling as a dynamic parameter in Niagara and use curve to scroll

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‘properly’ (based on tech experience for limited mesh complexity like these across platforms including mobile)… is in vertex portion of a shader, (GPU)

The tool- mid/high level mechanism instantiating mesh should/could also talk with a shader to move vertex.UVW info.

you can also drive it during runtime mesh construction (CPU) with whatever tool applicable —trail/ribbon, billboard , sprite, etc

you can also keyframe Material parameters like Offset/Tiling- this can be done with 1 mat on many objects to be identical or it can make runtime material copies per object for independence.