Rubfish/Rafles VFX stuff



Hello everyone, since a while without posting… I’m back c: I want to share my last months work and stuffs. As always, feedback is welcome.

I focused on create different feels keeping an stylized look, introducing some gameplays concepts like progression and visibility, mainly on the projectiles and the shield. For example, the two projectiles, improving the power and the feel of speed and intesnsity in the second one. Also, I tried to create a cigarette feel on the smoke for both effects.

Here it is c:




And the videos for a better quality <3

Water Projectile

Inferno Portal



Basic Shot

Mega Shot

Water Shield

Fire pew pew

Flower heal

Impact anime

Charged laser

Fiery Beam Effect - Looking for advice

Amazing! Beautiful work :heart_eyes:


Amazing work dude :slight_smile: Loved it


Looks like I finally convinced you to post!

Good job my dude, those effects look creamy :new_moon_with_face:


awesome… love your works…


Pretty nice! Seeing your work, think I’ll have to fix mine.


I love your stuff man!


Well…i LIKE everything ! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is awesome coming from you, i’m a big fan of your work. THANKS! <3


Thanks to all for the kind words ^^

I’m sure that your job is awesome :smiley:


Wow. Some really juicy stuff here. Can’t wait to see more


Great stuff. The timing is spot on & some lovely subtle details in them.


:heart_eyes: Great job, looks amazing!


Thanks <3 I’ll be posting new stuffs that i like here (i just posted a new one)

Thanks ^^ I put a lot of effor in the feel ^^

Thanks, u are a amazing 2 <3


i looooove the water attack, for many reasons.


Great reference!Thanks!


These are all such an absolute inspiration, amazing stuff.


These are gorgeous, man! :heart_eyes:

What are you using for lighting/post effects? What’s your preferred bloom?


I still wonder how you created the recent fire effect on twitter @SrRubfish, did you pan the projectiles over meshes or did you use Trails and animated those?

Would be awesome if you can show us how it was made :slight_smile:

This one :smiley:


Not a lot, just a 0.2/0.3 of intensity with default settings. I like shiny stuffs but i prefer to control it with custom glows ^^ Only AA and a bit o color correction just to avoid the absolute black, but i could work without them (I work for mobile so…)