RitaWhite: Sketch #45

Sequence 02_2
(edit: added thumbnail)

Since I’m new to unreal I thought I’d give it a go to keep exercising. Here’s a very simple explosion:

Even tho is simple, if you got any feedback it’s always appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey rita, this has got some voxel-ly goodness going on! Color treatment is definitely giving off explosive heat. The “smoke” shape also has some good irregularity to it.

Here are some things that might be worth exploring:

  • Timing - There’s an opportunity to give this a heavy-hitting feeling. In the following gif, I pulled out a few frames leading up to and directly after the impact to give it some punch. I also doubled the frame time of the smoke dissipation at the end

  1. Adding some variety in scale to the dots could add some interest. If you do increase the size, you may have to do the same to the central dot to keep it visually separate. Also, giving them some stretch in the last moments before impact will give a smeary look (not pictured).
  2. The current path of the build up particles (left) is quite linear. Adding some variation/noise (right) in velocity can give the effect of these particles being “pulled” out of the air. The paths on the right are exaggerated, so you may want to restrict the noise closer to the lifetime start.

Best of luck,