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Hey Everyone,

I started writing a blog on VFXy stuff on my website. My first issue is all about what I learned from digging through paragon effects. You can find it over here:

I’m aiming to get a new post out every two weeks and my next one is scheduled to drop on the 5th of November.

I’ll keep updating this chain as they release so everything is in one place.


Hey Everyone,

The second edition of my blog is out. This week we look at my production process for creating effects as I recreate a couple of the effects from avengers infinity war.

I hope you all enjoy!

Hey Everyone,

The third issue has now been published. This week I look at recreating the techniques that Rare used for Sea of Thieves at an indie price point.

I hope you all enjoy, and check back in a couple weeks for the mid season finale where I blow up my old final year project.

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Hey Everyone,

The fourth issue of my blog is now out. The week I’m looking at destroying things in Houdini and bringing them into an engine. I also troubleshhot a lot of the issues I ran into, and I ran into a LOT of issues!

I hope you all enjoy I’ll be back after the holidays.

Hey everyone,

The fifth blog and I guess what can be refered to as the start of a new season is now out. This is part one of a two blog series where I’m looking at some of the things a newbie real time VFX artist will need that aren’t usually talked about in tutorials. I’m looking at setting up animated meshes and using C# to control when particles start.

A whole bunch of useful information and explained in a very nice easy to understand way. I’m still just going through the first post though :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!

Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I like the post about what you learned from the Paragon assets! Keeping the character’s main colors in a material function is such an obvious thing, but I hadn’t thought about it before. Thanks!

It’s such a fantastic help too for working on a values pass because you don’t have to update the colours in every particle emitter. You can just switch the colours in the function from grey to whatever.

Hey Everyone,

6th blog is now ready to receive your eyeballs. This is the second part of my Unity 101 for a VFX artist series. I’m concluding the series by looking at the shader graph, shuriken, and the post processing stack.


Hey Everyone,

Took me a while to get my next blog out as I’m doing some heavy rebranding. As much as I like my name there’s too many Richard Stokes in the world. So I’m moving the blogs to a medium publication and changing the name I post everything under.

This blog is about my attempts at building a spider sense effect inspired by into the spiderverse:

also includes a link to get the Unity package for free for anyone whos wants to look at my nodes.

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Pretty nice, but i have 1 suggestion: dark mode for your blogs xD