Ribbon Shape

Hi everyone!

I’m really having a hard time getting a good ribbon shape and I don’t know how to get a better result.
I’m rotating a ribbon around a point create a trail effect. I’m defining its shape with a float from curve but it’s not really following the curve shape. The ribbon shape is a tube with the tube divisions set to 16 (max).
And this is the result i get:

Instead of the front being round, it’s cornered and has a hole in the front. Does anyone know how to getter a better result?
Thanks in advance!

Hey there,
When you create a smooth ribbon it can be very challenging but I can tell you few steps that will help you for sure:

  1. Make sure your ribbon’s mesh is clean and simple to start with.
  2. Ensure your UVs are properly aligned to prevent distortions.
  3. If possible, increase the polygon count for smoother curves.
  4. Simplify and accurately set your curve to match the desired shape.
  5. Check that normals are correct and apply smoothing groups to avoid sharp edges.
  6. : Adjust your material or shader settings as they can affect the shape.
  7. Look for specific tips based on the software you’re using (like Unreal, Unity, or Blender).
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