Rensei: Sketch #54

To be honest I just wanted something around the shield itself to show that it protects a larger area around the character, like an aura, and then I was just playing around with different shapes for bursts and I liked the look of that :person_shrugging:

I tired it with flat quads and you could clearly see it being very flat at some angles. Meanwhile this only uses 5 particles and it looks volumetric-ish so I’m happy with that haha

I’ll tag @atcolombini because they were curious about this as well.

So it’s just a simple mesh, top part of the sphere
The UV’s

I’m using this texture from Luos’ pack (again) scrolling it on V and scrolling voronoi for displacement (similar to the water from this post Rensei's Sketchbook - #4 by Rensei )

And then it’s just a simple single burst of 5 particles with random rotation


I think this might benefit the effect or, at least, might interest you!

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Oh absolutely! I had this problem few weeks ago and read that thread so many times haha. For polar coordinates in my shader I decided to just calculate the derivatives like advised here: Best 'Polar' option to save pinched triangles - #12 by fleity

For the above thingie I don’t use polar coordinates from the shader so the noise is sampled as usual :+1:

Thanks for the link tho, that topic is super useful~