Recreating- League of Legends effects

My name is Daniélle Viljoen.
I am a third year Game Art student at BUAS.

I have started a personal project where I try to recreate effects from different games.
For this week, I recreated the “Walk to this place” arrow effect.

(Created in UNREAL)


What it looks like at normal speed.
I have a slow motion version, however I am only allowed to post one thing at a time for now.



  • I took the caps off a cylinder, and shaped this into a cone with a curved top.
  • I also inverted the faces so that the texture will be shown on the inside.
  • I straightened out the UV’s.


  • I have 4 arrows evenly spaced next to one another.
  • Vertically 1/3 of the texture is empty so that when the arrows are done panning there is no uneven repeat.
  • I clamped the texture in the Y direction in engine.

I made a material for my texture, in which I use a dynamic param to be able to pan my texture in cascade.

If there are any questions I would love to hear!.
Any feedback is welcome!



Here is the slow mo version, so that the texture and shape is better seen.


normal speed version is not noticeable.

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Thank your for the feedback!

I do agree with you, it is not very noticeable, I will be sure to try and fix this :slight_smile:

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Heya, and also welcome to the forums :smile:! From what I’ve seen in game, is that the arrows first seem to fully grow and then seem to scroll further along the mesh itself if that makes sense
Currently the overtime timing of it feels like this:
In game it feels more this in terms of timing:
I also feel that the arrow get too pinched at the later stages. I feel the consistency in shape would also help this to make it lot more noticable :).

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Thank you very much for the feedback!

I just updated the effect with some previous feedback if you would like to see it?
I think I might have corrected some of your feedback already :smiley: (Might still need to be tweaked however)

Thank you for your time!

Hey @DViljoen.Art! These are looking pretty neat.

I think it’d be better if you merged all these new threads you created into one, since they all revolve around the same topic!

( Recreating- League of Legends effects (Feedback applied) + Recreating - League of legends effects ( Coin drops from minions))

Much like the thread Shannon created a while ago:

Keep us updated on your progress :alien:


Ah yes I think that might be better bwhaha.

I will have to look into how to do that however, sins I am still new here I am not sure how everything work…

But I’ll make sure to merged things more :smiley:

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