Recreating- League of Legends effects (Feedback applied)

I received a lot of helpful feedback on my “Walk this way” Ping effect, and wanted to share the newerst version.

Some tweaks were small so they are less noticeable, but overall what happened:

-New mesh
-New texture
-Speed tweaked


Normal speed, hopefully easier to see.


Slow mo version

The mesh on the far right is the one I used. I also tweaked the UV’s of it a lot.

These are the nodes I used for panning my material in cascade.


That is tons closer to the in game effect vs the first post! Well done! :slight_smile:

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Much better! Nailed it :smile:.

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A lot thanks to your feedback!


I made the original and I must say you did very well.

Great job!

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Thank you so very much!! It’s an honour to be recognized by you. Thank you for taking the time to look at my version, if there is any feedback I would gladly take it. :smile:

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