Rain drop effect in Unity

Hi everyone,

I try to create the rain drop effect in unity. And all the texture created within substance designer.
I appreciate Klemen and Simon great work. It truly inspired me.

And wish you like it.

Download origin size of SD graph

Download origin size of shader graph

Artstation link:


This turned out great! Thank you very much the breakdown as well, really cool to see :grin: . I maybe think the longer streaks could use a bit more breakup i think. Maybe by varying the the strenght of them, or if you could make it so the streaks don’t all flow down at the same speed all the time. Otherwise, very sweet job!

Amazing job! As you did the video, maybe some screens high res of substance designer (hi res of the one that you put) and of the amplify node shader could be great! Wonderful thank you for sharing!

Thank you! It is a good idea to be different speed of flowing down.
I think it could work by calculate two or more different offset time. I will try it next time.

Thank you!
I will take time to optimize it and the node shader.

Is there a particular setup for the rain drop material to be viewed within Unity?

You have to add the package of AmplifyShaderEditor.
And then add the script of PostProcessExample to your camera.


Next, drag your material of postprocess to the script. Done!


Thanks, the confusion was with the package manager within Unity for updating post processing stack which for some reason no longer included the “PostProcessExample”.
Cheers :slight_smile:

“PostProcessExample” is included in Amplify shader editor not in post processing stack.

I`m working on Unity 2018.2.0f2 and Amplify shader editor 1.5.5.

Wish it work for you.:grinning:

Oh I thought it was always with the post process stack, Thanks for the clarification. :smiley:

Hello and so many thanks for sharing
Only 3 questions
First:is this effect only works in camera i mean we cant use it as a surface shader maybe for a windows etc.?
Second: all the textures are made right inside the substance designer?or did you used any external textures or maps?if yes can you please share them at least?
And the final one:ive tried to recreate the nodes using amplify but i couldnt find any nodes named Screen the one on top right that has a single input named Tex
Any help will appreciated

The node you’re talking about is probably a “Texture Object” node and is renamed to “Screen”.

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Hi there and so much thanks for response
Yeah i already found out
Btw thanks :slight_smile:

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Sorry for my delay reply.

First: This is only working in camera. But I think it could work for windows if try to modify some node to fit as surface shader.

Second: Sure, all the texture is made within Substance designer.

Third: As boorch metion. Thank you, friend.

Have a nice day.

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Hi again and Thankx for answer bro

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Hello, I followed your tutorial, but now the material is wrong, I really can’t find the problem, can you help me to have a look

Sorry for my delay reply.
I have try to review your shader, it seems to me that is nothing wrong.
Also I have reimported my package into Unity 2019.2.1f1 and update to the latest version of amplifly shader editor to 1.7.5. And everything is working well.
So I have no idea what`s going on your case.

Which version of unity do you work?

And here is the camera setting, review the snapshot that any different from yours.

Wish it work for you.

Sorry,I can’t find the last "screen Node " ,Can you tell me it where?

Sorry for my delay reply.
Here is “Template Parameter”.

Hello! Thanks for the tutorial!

Is there a way to make the same in the Unity native Shader Graph?
I was checking nodes on the picture you have attached, and it seems Shader Graph does have all the required nodes for this magic to happen, but I am not sure about the Component Mask node. Does it exist in Shader Graph?