Call For Entries: 2019 GDC Reel



Here’s a clip of some lava studies I finished earlier this year! Would be cool to throw in there


I don’t know if its good enough, but I’ll try


Really the only two major pieces I’ve put time into this year:


Nothing quite new to share yet, but here is my demo reel. Next GDC, I am sure I will have more. :slight_smile:


Alright so as a follow up on the last post, here’s some of the cooler looking results from the sword slash sketch that I did.

And something I’ve been working on lately:

Hopefully that’s usefull for the gdc reel in some way.

Also @Markiepoo : will we get to see the reel on the forum or is it exclusively meant to be shown at the event?


Sound interesting! I`ll try.
It is my honor, if I could participate in this.

Here is my reel 2018

Another stuff that I`m proud of in the past year.



I don’t know if its good enough, but I’ll try


Probably not good enough, but i’ll try too


Great stuff keep it coming!


This is the sketch I did for December-January:

Some explosions:


Here’s a clip of mine:



Hi Everyone ,

Here is a Showcase video of a Shader i’m playing with last days.

Here is an HD link :



Vase Destruction for December-January Sketch.
Everybody have fun at GDC! :slight_smile:


Two different scenes with an ocean shader I did at the end of last year.


i’ve not had a chance to do loads this last year but i quite liked my wall destruction sketch :slight_smile:


Would’ve loved to have something new to show but here’s an old effect:


It took me some time to deliver, but here it is !


I’ll get to this when I get home tonight


I love this topic so much already. The Sketch Winners reel is a fantastic idea, but will require a bit of leg work that I’ve been scared of. Let me see if I can compile a set of permissions (and change our EULA to make sure future submissions allow this). @Markiepoo are you handling video editing? If I can get you the videos, can you compile them for us?