Question: Do anyone know how to make this water wake effect

I have a game where i want water wake effect like in this reference
Do anyone have any idea or tutorial how to make this effect

Here’s a Shadergraph tutorial in Unity3D from Daniel Ilett.

Hope it works out for you!


Thanks for the answer but what i am actually looking for wave effect in that video not the shader

Here is the preview of the game

its just an conish cylinder mesh with a panning texture.
Either they rotate the mesh, or pan the texture + some uv-offsetting.


You can do a cone-shaped mesh particle in Niagara, spawning in both sides of the boat. You can play with WPO in the shader to get some variation so it doesn’t look like a smooth cone and gets that wavy shape. When the boat changes its course you can scale and tweak the particle parameters acording to the boat rotation and speed via blueprint. When it slows down it scales down the particle and so on.

Maybe a cool thing would be adding some erosion to it.

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Thank You for reply.
Do you know how pan those texture IDK how to do that in unreal.

Thank You for thr reply
But I am getting stuck with panning the texture and wpo do you know how to do that.

For the texture you can put a panner node that feeds into some noise texture UV’s. You can take a channel from the noise texture and add it to some texture coordinates and then plug it into the main texture. That will give you some UV distortion.

Here is an example. It has other things too but the concept is the same. Adding some UV distortion to it.


This video might be useful for the WPO

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thanks for the help :smile: