Poll: GDC VFX Roundtable Topics



It’s part of the conference


Which means you’re shelling out $1.7k-2k if you want to attend both :sob:


aah too bad, I decided to just go with the bootcamps and summits. Don’t have that kinda moola atm hehe


I’m not going, so I’m relying on vigorous notetaking and someone hooking the room up to discord.


I would love if they live streamed the round tables; I’d pay for access to that. I know someone usually takes notes, but I feel like there’s an element to them that gets lost between the lines.

@DeepSpaceBanana I’m completely out for that very reason, it’s crazy expensive this year. I did the summits/boot camps pass last year.


Totally hear you on the value of discussing tech and tools. To clarify, what we’re trying to do is devote different days to different ends of the VFX spectrum. So Friday is set aside for a deeper dive on tech, while Thursday is more art sensibility/style focused. I admit there’s a huge overlap when we start talking about “the craft of VFX,” but I’d like to give ample time to both ends of the spectrum if possible.


Fantastic ideas for Friday’s tech discussion. Summoning @Drew to take note of possible topics.


Presuming my diabolical schemes work out as planned, I’ll actually be at the VFX Round-table this year. Last year I was only able to do the Bootcamps, so to say I’m really looking forward my first ever VFX Roundtable would be an understatement. Honestly all this sounds amazing to me, but of course it does. I’m new. Everything is still shiny to the experience of my eyes. That said, If ya’ll talk about VFX Education, I may be able to give a degree of context as… well… I’m your market. :slight_smile:


Awesome thread - let’s hijack it to discuss all things VFX Round Table related! Noted the request for topics on the tech side of things. Keep those (and all) suggestions coming.

Unfortunately streaming/recording the roundtables is a GDC call. I recognize it’s prohibitively expensive for lots of folks, but unfortunately detailed note taking is about the best we can do within the GDC umbrella. I’ll ask again and see if they’ll let us throw a mic in the room this year though. If they do let us, it will almost certainly be restricted to the vault (but that’s still better than nothing).

Thanks for kicking off the conversation Jason! Look forward to see everyone in meat space.


Could someone remind us the exact time and place for the roundtables?

For the art discussions:

  • How to manage your references / get thing organised? (and not end up with things saved all over the place.)
  • How do you deal with post processing (which can be destructive for effects)? How do you make your effects look consistent throughout the game and integrated within the environment.


Thanks for the suggestions! As for exact time and place, I don’t believe it’s been officially announced yet. We’ll know when you know, whenver GDC updates the session listings on their site.


I see, that explains why I couldn’t find it.


tech theme for @drew: temporal aliasing & vfx


a couple more for @drew:

  • managing libraries between projects
  • content organisation, sorting by data type, by feature, by theme…
    usage of tags / naming convention / thumbnails etc. to find existing reusable content


Times and locations have been released:

Wednesday, March 21 | 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Visual Effects Artist Roundtable Day 1
Speaker: Drew Skillman (Google)
Location: Room 207, South Hall

Thursday, March 22 | 11:30am - 12:30pm
Visual Effects Artist Roundtable Day 2: Artistic Lens
Speaker: Jason Keyser (Riot Games)
Location: Room 215, South Hall

Friday, March 23 | 11:30am - 12:30pm
Visual Effects Artist Roundtable Day 3: Technical Lens
Speaker: Drew Skillman (Google)
Location: Room 215, South Hall


I recently looked over the schedule for GDC’18 as it currently exists. And of course, there are a number of things I want to go to, but overlap. Now I need to make some choices.

I am aware the Bootcamps are recorded, and as I know it right now, The Roundtables are not. Because of course not, that would make things easier.

Can’t have that.

Based on past events, what are The Roundtables like? How different do the three sessions tend to be?

Thank you! :grinning:


Roundtables are my personal favorite part of the conference. A lot of deeply knowledgeable VFX and tech art types come and discuss various parts of what works for them on their teams at their studios.

One thing i especially love is that some of these individuals don’t always have a super big online presence coz they’re busy making games and such, so it’s pretty rare to hear from them.

As to the difference between days, the crowd changes a bit, so we get varied perspectives. Also, the focus of each day changes, as directed by the facilitator. There’s never enough time to cover everything we’d like, so we try to touch on a broad variety of things spread over all three days.

Hope that (at least kind of) addresses your question.


I’d love to hear guidelines or tips for mantaining a cohesive style between effects when working in a team of multiple vfx artists.

Also please when telling people to turn off their phones take a moment to say hi to my mom! :hugs:


Thanks everyone for your awesome input. With the roundtables just around the corner, @Drew & I will gather your thoughts and do our best to cover the most valuable bits.



Just wanted to say thanks for the notes!

feel free to add to this thread over the next couple days and I’ll keep checking it for feedback on the roundtable as it unfolds.