Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


ah Yes William I meant like "in use " thanks for pointing out :slight_smile:


Hey, Business Cat here :smiley:

Does a lot of particle stuff in Source and have made an icon in my niche somehow. :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopefully I’ll be posting around soon.


Hi folks!

My name’s Kelly and I’ve been making video games since 2005, and doing real-time VFX work the past 4 years or so. My background is more concept art/animation so I feel I still have a lot to learn. Most recently I did VFX for the ‘Marvel Avengers Alliance’ series at Disney Interactive, using primarily Unity 3D. Looking forward to meeting more VFX peeps and learning some new tricks!


Aaaaaah! All my heroes are here ! :blush:

Anyway, I’m Niels Dewitte, I’m a game developement student at DAE belgium.
I’m mostly a programmer but slowly turning into technical artist :smiley:

I’m still really new to real time vfx so I hope I can learn a lot here.
And hopefully help lots of people aswell.



Hello RTVFXers,

It’s great to finally see a realtime VFX community! Kudos to the person/people who set this up!

My name is Brandon Luyen, and I’ve been making video games since the twilight PS1 days. I’m currently working on Labyrinth CCG, and am a multi-disciplined artist on the team but have been focusing mainly on realtime VFX for the majority of projects since 2005. I’m pretty much the only VFX person/department at our studio so it’s great to find this community!

It’s been real interesting to go through all the trends of constantly improving visual tech as it relates to game art and VFX work, from the console generations and PC, then back to low end mobile, and now slowly going back to more higher fidelity work.

Looking forward to seeing all the cool VFX and learning from the community!




So. … Uh. I’m Mez. I like VFX…and stuff. A lot.
And that is how I made the best introduction ever.


As much, AS MUCH, as I want to click reply and leave it like that on purpose, it probably would still be a good idea to introduce my self to some degree. So…I’m doin’ that now. … N-now

My birth name doesn’t matter. My love with all things VFX started with modding Halo 1 PC. I want to know all the things. I have an unquenchable hunger for knowledge. Even when it looks like I know what I am doing, I have no idea what I am doing. I like sleep every now and again, so what am I doing here? Is it weird that I’m talking to my self in my introduction? A little bit, but you mean well. “A little madness now and then…” .

One more thing. If you were at any of the GDC’17 VFX BOOTCAMPs, I was the stupid tall noob with the dumb hat, the dumb green vest, and the dumb-dam-grin on my face.

So yea. That.

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Hi all, :smiley: I’m so happy to find this forum! Thanks GDC lol

I’m Vega Bai, currently a tech-art student in University of Utah. My favorite is writing shaders and making particle effects, and my favorite platform is Unreal Engine 4, and Houdini which I’m still getting more familiar with.

So many great things and I’m ready to start my journey here Yay ~ Feels so cool :laughing:


Hi everyone,

My name is Michael Small. I’m Lead Artist at Ninja Kiwi Europe, in charge of our team in the Dundee, Scotland office whilst also liaising with the Auckland, New Zealand office.

I was introduced to this site at GDC17 and I’m really looking forward to becoming active in this community, learning and hopefully sharing with you all. We’re currently starting a new, exciting, but unannounced project and will be using Unity engine for the first time rather than our own proprietary software. Any tips, pointers or similar will be much appreciated!



Hi! I’m Jamie DeRuyter. I’ve been a 3D generalist for 20 years. Much of that has been focused on creating effects and animation for special venue projects like theme park attractions. Recently I made the switch to real time and I’m never going back! :wink: @Keith My first real time project was remastering the Uncharted series for Bluepoint games. I’m currently creating all new effects for another major title at Bluepoint.

This is an amazing community of artists and I’m very excited to be a part of it. Thank you to everyone for making this forum happen!


Hi Troy,
I felt like I was digging around in your underwear drawer when I was remastering Uncharted 1. It’d be fun to chat about the challenges you faced while creating those effects. Sorry to say we replaced most of them when moving the game up to the PS4. @Keith might be interested to know that we repurposed some U2 effects and put them in U1. So, in essence, Keith worked on U1. Time to update your resume? :wink:


Hi everyone! My name is Richard Chu and I am a Technical VFX artist at Riot Games working on new champions. Prior to this gig I worked on Diablo 3 & Reaper of Souls as a Technical Artist doing VFX, scripting, and tools. I look forward to learning from this community and helping it grow into a close-knit and friendly destination for VFXers!

See you guys around!


Hello fellow VFX people!

My name is Alex Brown and I am currently a VFX artist at Impulse Gear working on a PSVR title for Sony called Farpoint. I started in the industry as a 3d generalist and made the switch to VFX while working on a MOBA for Kixeye called Tome. Although the game had a short life, it was still a valuable learning experience. You can also see a ton of my work in the mobile title, War Commander: Rogue Assault. Been at it for about 3 or 4 years now and I still love making effects!

I am so happy to have found a community like this because it has always been difficult to share and learn new techniques in this field. Once Farpoint releases, I will probably share some of the ways I was able to make VFX in VR and make them perform at 60 fps on the PS4. Vr is exciting in so many ways yet extremely challenging due to performance and how flat FX can look.

Anyways you can check out some of my older stuff here:

Hope to share and discuss more later!


Hello everyone! My name is Anton Sergin, I’m from Ukraine and I’m junior VFX artist at Frogwares

Thanks to GDC 2017 that showed to me this site. It will be very nice to be a part of this great community


Greetings everyone.

My name is Pierre-Simon and i’ve been working as a FX Artist in the cinema industry and i have mingle from time to time in Realtime VFX industry. I am working right now as a Procedural Technical Artist at Gearbox Software. We are working in unreal Engine and i’m very happy to give procedural solution to the design, art and vfx team comming from Houdini. I am also in charge of setuping the destruction pipepine for our project.

Can’t wait to chat with all of you.



Hello every one!
My name is Andrej
And I’m VFX addict

Started as 3D artist/ Generalist. I wanted to try all aspects of 3D so I could choose the one I love most. Finally got to VFX and fell absolutely in love with it. After all 3D packages, Houdini is definitely a challenge, but few weeks later it turned in to my favourite peace of software with unlimited possibilities.
Thanks to friendly people on Linkedin I found this amazing community who explained what is Real time VFX and what I need to know to start creating magic for video games.
I’m very happy to be among such amazing people and can’t wait to learn from you all and someday become a member of your team.


Hello, my name is James Tottman and i work as a Senior FX Artist at Remedy in Helsinki, Finland. I have a background working in film effects in London but decided to move into games a few years ago which as been a nice change for me. I like to focus primarily on large scale simulated destruction for cinematics and in-game set-pieces using Houdini and my last released project was Quantum Break.

Its a pleasure to be here amongst all you fellow fx artists! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I’m Juarez Ariño Mauro. I’m a 22 y.o. Programmer & VFX Artist at Ravegan from Córdoba Argentina.

I started to love the programming area around my 13 yo with Counter-Strike 1.6, Oh man! the memories :cry: it was great to make mods there :stuck_out_tongue:. Then when i was finishing the highschool i said to my self, wow i really want to make awesome games :grin:.

Right now i’m finishing my engineering career and starting to learn this amazing art called VFX, i’m still a newbie but hoping to be at least half as good as Kevin (Sirhaian) is :grin:.
Most of my work is done using Unity but i’m on the process to master Unreal too.

So, if u ever need some help on the programming area, give me a call, i’ll be glad to help :slight_smile:.

And also if u want some references for insipration or vfxs related tutorials here’s my pinterest and youtube list :slight_smile:

Thank you all for making this community what it’s, i’ll be happy to learn more and contribute like u guys do.

Have a great and productive day!!!


Hi Guys!

I am extremely happy i found this forum. The past two days have been a daze. I cant even remember how i found this place.
I am new to Realtime VFX or VFX in general, i am pretty good a drawing, modeling and sculpting, but honestly cool looking VFX always amazed me the most. So i recently pcked up Houdini and Unreal. And now i spend the past few weeks diving into Cascade and the Material Editor recreating some materials etc.

So far i am using ImbueFX and some EAT3D vidoes that use UDK to learn. But if anyone thinks i am missing something please let me know.

Seeing a few threads already its so cool that there seem so many pros around here willing to help out! Really cool!


Hi powerstroke! Yeah the imbueFX and Eat3D vids are a fantastic place to start, and the info and skills they teach give you a platform to do almost any kind of effect AAA is making right now, short of something tech crazy


Hello all!

I’m Aran Anderson, I’ve worked in the games industry for nearly 3 years now in various roles, been lurking the RTVFX board for a while now and thought I should finally introduce myself.

Previously I worked on several LEGO titles at Tt Games, and I recently joined the VFX team at Cloud Imperium Games to work on the exciting space project Star Citizen with some familiar faces from the RTVFX board (@Snowy, @cEssex and @michalpiatek). :grin:

Some of my most recent work can be found on my portfolio website: