Point Clouds Morphing. UE4

After some days of experiments just finished my Morph FX for Unreal Engine 4. 100% blue print! Baked system included. Up to 16384 points per one FX and can be increased up to 65535 points. No particle system used.

FX based on baked cloud maps with repacked integer 15 bit range points + sign (-32767…+32767 for vertex range).

All main job calcaulated on GPU. Color, Opacity, Emessive power and points scale transisions are supported.
Additional wave zoom and distortions effects.

Hope you like it! =) :slight_smile:


Very cool! Is this something you’re posting on the UE4 market? I’d love to check it out just to wrap my head around what is actually going on lol xD

Thanks! Sumbited. I hope fx will be approved.

Who, looks really cool.
Does it cluster to the vertices of the mesh.
If so, how hard would it be to implement a version where the points spread over the surface of the mesh?

And yeah! You should definatly post this on the market! Its really cool :smiley:

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All points in the cloud is Unreal Instanced Meshes (very cool and fast feature).

1 instance mesh is a simple plane - just two triangle. Eg 4000 points = 8000 triangles for render or 16384 points = 32768 triangles.

Then material (shader) orienting all planes to camera (very similar like standart particle is woriking). Shader is support full transform - location, rotation and scale per point.

Packing vertex coord to texture it’s some original stuff because all this FX done with Blue print only.

Executable demo with 16384 points:

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