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Here is the breakdown of my last gif


I really love that middle left one, im trying to get something much like this in unreal but where would i start?!


@Cundall77 I’m not 100% sure how to do it exactly in unreal engine and I will assume you want the “middle left one” which are the trails. I’d start with ribbon type and probably with material that has got panning texture. Also I’d mask both ends of that texture.


looking really good!


Thanks your previous suggestion @simonschreibt it helped a lot.


I think this might be final element (fire) in this series and I will try to make something else next time :slight_smile: I will post final video as GIFs do not represent final quality, anim speed seems to be a dit different due to compression.


For the fire I could imagine that this time more chaotic and long-living sparkles could be nice. Like in this video:


One other detail: Maybe you could use a Look-up-Texture for the colors (if you’re not already) to give the fire a bit more variation in color. Here you see how much difference fire actually offers:



@simonschreibt the idea with sparks sound cool, I will give it a go, but my worry is that sparks will go far outside the base, and it might not work for what I’m trying to make (product for people to use it in their tactical, turned based games).
Basically as a FX I think it will look cool but might not be much usable for the product as I’m trying to keep particles within a base… nonetheless I will give it a go because it might look cool :slight_smile: . As for the color, I’d do it in the texture but for those FX I’m using noise textures (grayscale) and the only way how I can control colour is in the particle system or material, the other way I can think of to change the color might be to paint vertices color toward the top of the mesh. Let me know if you think there is some other way.

Thanks a lot for your feedback so far.


i understand your concern. i could imagine that only a little bit of turbulence would already work very well. if you look at the sparks of a camp fire they don’t move away too much from the actually file, but still have a nice little turbulence to them and don’t just go straight up. anyway, amazing work so far!


@simonschreibt Thanks a lot! and you’re 100% correct, I will try to add a bit of noise to the movement. Thanks again!


I’ve made some noise textures which I’ve used in my VFX, I’ve noticed few people share theirs and wanted to share with the community the ones I have. Let me know if you find them useful.


Some time ago I’ve started CGMA class FX for games. I want to share the stuff I worked on in past weeks.

This one was fun to work on. I think I will try to re-use the shader and apply it to some meshes in the future. It was made of few textures only mainly procedural noises, without flip books.

This one, unfortunately, I had very limited time as I was busy at work so I only spend a few hours to work on it. I want to improve it after the course will end.


I’ve provided 80LV with some breakdowns of the VFX I’ve done not that long ago, I also mentioned about RealtimeVFX in the article which hopefully will encourage more people to become VFX artists and bring them to this fantastic forum.


Here is another effect from my CGMA class I’ve just finished. When I’ll finish this class I plan to make a video discussing what I’ve learnt and showing everything I’ve made throughout the class.


I’ve added 4 new textures to the library, feel free to download those for free


Currently I’m exploring some loot drops ideas


Hi, these effects look very neat. Try to combine them :thinking::wink:


I like how the color looks and overall shape of the effect, great work!


Hey @ErbGameArt I think it worked :slight_smile: altho It might be a bit busy looking but I think as a top-tier loot drop it might work, next step will be trying to come up with other rarities/colours. Thanks a lot for your feedback!


I’ve started making variation / rarities