Personal Progress FX - Chris Nordgren



The vfx is very cool, totally fit with the visual of the game, Did you use mesh to render the texture of the clouds or only photoshop with brush ?


I just painted the texture in photoshop. Redchannel for shadows, Green channel and blue channel for color of dust.


Thanks Good to know !


love your effects! your explosions are my standard example which i hand to the students at a school where i sometimes tech a little bit :slight_smile:


Love your work @ChrisNordgren , beautiful style


@simonschreibt Thanks mate! Really great to hear that they have been useful for you! :smiley:

@colbaltblue Awesome to hear, appreciete the nice words! :slight_smile:


The latest months I have been working on a side project called Everhood.

It is sort of a undertale-esque type of game.

Game looks like this:

Its been a collaborative effort with a friend

You can download it here: