Personal Progress FX - Chris Nordgren

@Dom, @difra, @Sirhaian
wow, I am very grateful for the support!

I will be a little busy in the coming days, but hopefully I will be able to finish these portfolio pieces into something spectacular.

No, I use scripting that spawns particle system when the fireballs etc hits walls! :slight_smile:

I will look into this!
About the smoke fx:
I like when the smoke effect blends in together with itself when they have the same color. Currently I have such hard edges on the dust texture so if I change color it is noticeable to see the particles and it looks bad, I change color in the beginning but turn them fast to the current tone for this reason.

I would be able to have the effect you speak of if the dust have the same lifetime, but that will make the smoke look weird.
I think I could animate the Start Color using a animator component! (or using another particle system pluggin, but thats a lot of hassle). Thanks for your feedback! I will try using the animator component and see what happens :slight_smile:

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Hey Chris,

I have found you already some month ago over your nice game Last Invader. It´s always my short game if I need a break from work, it so simple but makes so fun. First thanks for this. ^^

Now I have also seen your new stylized FX´s here I love them so much. Great stuff man and I happy to see every time new work from you, your work is really inspiring me.

Thank you Anton!

I find it amazing that you play(ey) Last Invader. I was gonna make a Last Invader 2. I got quite far but then … life!

Really cool to hear that you enjoy my effects! I must make sure to post some artwork asap.
Still in the testing zone when it comes to this foliopiece

Here is a beam effect! currently not fit to change the distance, but could be easily fixed with some scripts!

There are so many ideas spawning in my head but I should probably wrap this up, very soon


I’ve a basic explosion for a indie game called Black Future. More thing will probably come up!

Its got this pixelart with a bunch of postprocess effects artstyle going!

Currently the owner wanted the effect asap so it was a little rushed.
I know there are things I would to improve with that explosion but I would still like to hear what anyone thinks on what could be improved without knowing my thoughts :slight_smile:



(edited for bigger gif)
(here is another with less weird artifacts: Fire bombs)
A upgraded version of the first explosion. Now with classic zelda blue bombs! :smiley:

I have been thinking about having a character throwing them to showcase more animation skills. I will see if this will be relevant, I want to show that I have a wide skillset but I really want to focus on the FX part mostly :slight_smile


You are making my pinterest so happy. :smiley:

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man that looks so good. i dont have the right words in english.
Chris is it possible that you share some of your workflow with us?

Once again, excellent work dude!!!
Im intrested to know how did you make the flashing red color? Shader or c# approach? I guess the bombs you instisiated and destroyed when the explorion appeared. correct me if im wrong.


What I love so much about these effects is that they get in and get out super quick, while also giving a flash of some really nice shapes. The timing is so fantastic and clean. There are few instances where the best of 2D melds with 3D in such a nice way. Keep it up, man.

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The timing is so satisfying :slight_smile: Fun to watch!

@Sirhaian makes me happy to be there! :tada:

@difra I wouldn’t mind answering questions or anything. I might do a breakdown for portfolio purposes, but that might be in a while, I just need to shape up my portfolio so its in a level I feel justified :slight_smile:

@Ohadgfx For the bombs its a material hooked up into a animator component which is called on through a simple script! I animated the bomb inside Unity.

@Keyserito Thanks! I feel quite confident in these types of effects after reading all these comments. I need to start doing more non-impact things to challenge myself.

@ShannonBerke Thanks! More stuff incoming!

I wished I would finished up the look on the “isometric”-effects. I think they are in a state that they can be shown, but I would want them in another environment, something that is gonna happen later.

Currently I’ve setup to do a match-3 mockup with effects, its a type of job I know I could a do a nice version of. I am gonna push out some art and effects about it for the coming days because of circumstances.

Here is a work-in-progress match 3 effect.

More UI, environments and more effects and powerups will be focused!

(occasional freelance jobs might also fall in here)


Love it all & that match 3 is fantastic!

@alex.underhill thanks! need to get back to match 3 asap. Been busy with non fx related things lately

I’ve made some more sparks for Black Future, the particles spawn the same direction currently, engine issue that is gonna be fixed later. There can be more improvements done here but I’ll take it into the next effect :slight_smile:


Oh my god … loved all of them … amazing timing, colors and style

@iNoob Thank you! more of that coming! :slight_smile:
But not right now:

I decided to approach to make a UI for the gem fx part. I knew it was gonna be hard. I know I can do a lot better when regarding to art direction.

I think working with UI is great and I could easily see myself working with UI that is interactive, but I mostly want to focus on the FX parts and play to my strengths for these pieces. I will probably have a minimized UI just for portfolio purposes.

I will be starting a new thread for the VFX sketch(Official VFX Sketch #2: Portal / Wisp - #6 by Elyaradine), but I will also post here because I intended to do it in similar style and it will possibly be part of the upcoming reel.

I’ve been juggling daytime work, freelance work and this portfolio making, lot on my plate but I am sure I will make it :slight_smile:

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I would suggest to play with a different hue, or more “happy” colors for your UI. since the center is very colorful but the surrounds are mostly black/autumn brown-gold… over all I like it ^^

I appreciete the feedback @Ohadgfx. I think I will play it quite grey and non interfering because of the FX for these pieces thou :slight_smile:

I’ve joined the VFX sketch-thing. Check out the thread here: Chris Nordgren: Sketch #2 WIP Wisp/Portal - #3 by ChrisNordgren

Here is the latest image:



Just update on the healing effect. I don’t wanna go to overkill, its more of a minor nature heal.

Probably might take a little inspiration from Alexander Savchenko reel, I really like his buff effects.


For the gem board, I’d recommending not having it so bright and saturated normally. By toning it down some, it gives you a bit more value and saturation range to play with for your effects when you want to be drawing focus to specific gems.