Niels Dewitte VFX Reel

Hi all,
I just finished making my VFX Reel from last year.
It would be nice to get some of your lovely eyes on it.



Very nice showcasing all sorts of VFX. The motions and colors feel coherent.

The weakest part maybe is the health plus icons floating upwards in 0:30.
Could be improved, they look a bit artifical and stale. Play around with their scale maybe and location so they are more spread out.

I would like to see something that does not glow from a VFX artist standpoint

I think this is a solid vfx portfolio!

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Awesome man, your horizontal lensflare lines are so nice. Also really enjoying the blue trail effect at 0:16

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@ChrisNordgren I completely agree. I’ts not like I haven’t done any of that either, They are still under nda though, so I can’t show it off :frowning:

@Pumpking Thanks, I was acctualy quite unsure about the lensflares, they add a lot of oomph, which I like, but at the same time they feel anoying on the eye if they are on the screen too long.

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Talk about inspiring! so cool amigo. Nice work

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Great stuff dude! I love your choice of color palettes and how vibrant stuff is, but I agree with @ChrisNordgren , it would be interesting to see something that isn’t glowy as well.

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