Hey guys, I am new here and I start two days ago Niagara.
I have a problem whit the representation of the material. I insert a Personal Material whit a sphere form, but when I make the simulation the form stay in square style (I know because is an image then take this form). But when I render the square style remains.
Thanks for the help ^^

Hey @MrFizz! Could you clarify your issue a bit more for me? Screenshots or pictures help a lot.

Thank you!

Hey thanks, Nate Lange,
most probably I make a mistake because is new for me Niagara.
This is the screenshots (the render doesn’t work, I don’t know why)

Please post a screenshot of your material.

Yep sorry

There’s nothing about that material that would make it circular. You’d need opacity to be in a circular shape. You are maybe confused by the preview being on a sphere, but that is just an arbitrary mesh, not indicative of how it will be rendered when used on another object.

Like Shaun said, you’re just applying that blue color to a sprite, which is naturally a square plane. You’re just looking at your material applied to a sphere for previewing purposes in the editor. You’ll need to either add a circular texture to your opacity, or add a sphere mesh emitter to your particle system

Thanks a lot, guys, I know I bad now :sweat_smile: I start 2 days ago. really thanks for the help