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Oh yeah. Thank you so much. :+1: Красавчик !


Unreal Engine 4 Niagara Static Mesh source

About use static mesh as a source of particles:


Hello everyone,

Niagara on UE4.21 preview 1 is really enjoyable.

Here is kind of silly use-case.:grinning:

  1. Adding Render target asset and SceneCapture2D camera, and binding transform with View Camera.
  2. Getting View Camera Position and Viewing Position (in this case, it is player position) via blueprint.
  3. Making view matrix on Niagara using above things.
  4. Using view matrix as UV for texture sampling.
  5. Making threshold Color due to make different lifespan. (in this case, R+G-B*2)
  6. Adding Curl-noise Force.

view matrix that I made is not perfect… (Matrix is difficult for me!)
But it kind of works.
I’m going to share this making after UNREAL FEST EAST 2018 if someone doesn’t make similar one at the time.

Anyway I :heart: Niagara!


Check out


Wow that is amazing I want to know how to set that up. I wonder if it is simpler that the ryan bucks version. I’m having trouble on the last part of his where the separate scene captures are combined to make the volume. I can get a single view to do it but after that I’m lost.


Next simple tutorial)


About Morphing from source static mesh to target static mesh


About morphing along spline to static mesh


Simple shot