Need Help! for this effect


Hey peeps! :wave:
I am currently working on my thesis project and I must say artist did great job with the concept art of this effect.
I really want to know if there is low cost way that I can use to create that tar like plumes coming from the character.
Any help will be appreciated :smile:
Thank you!!!

I suppose it depends on your tools/engine, as well as the particular style, but if I was gonna tackle this, I’d start with meshes. Some blobby geospheres that kinda look like toony clouds:


And then do most of the work on the material/shader side of things. This is a quick re-creation of a material I’ve made for toon-like explosions (heavily referencing this GDC talk, particularly @Shens and @imbueFX’s portions: I made the “smoke” shiny and black to look like your tar picture.


I’ve used this sort of clip-out technique on lots of things. You’d be surprised by how versatile it can be! Here’s the same sort of thing in injustice 2:



Oh its cool! I like the material transition thing on the blob. I will definitely try this out. Thank you so much :grin: