MR_Pol: Shetch #16

Hi folks!
I’m back and it’s been a long time since I posted something here. It’s a pleasure to participate again.
Therefore, here is the first step of my Shield FX !

Sorry the gif is a bit laggy i’ll make better capture nex time. :slight_smile:


Hi all! I present to you the 2nd step of this effect!

Now i’ll focus on animating all of this. ( And make some fix like smoothing the border of the mesh ^^ )
As usual, feel free to feedback, it’s always usefull to me. :wink:



I really like the waviness of the pulses, very cool! That combined with the fine secondary details gives it a really ethereal quality that I like a lot, nice work :slight_smile:

One minor thing, maybe increase the subdivisions on the shield shape, the silhouette looks a bit low poly.

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Thanks for your adorable comment! I’m glad you like it.

Sure, it will be done, i have seen it too! :slight_smile:


This is really cool! I want to try and follow…
So you are attaching a particle system to a mesh. Or is it two separate particle systems on a single actor?
I’m always interested in seeing the shader / blueprint / emitter SSs to see behind-the-scenes!
What I love about this effect is how it gives off that holy protector vibe. Definitely similar to Leona from LoL!


Hi !

Right now, this is 100% shader. I’m only using BP to roll out the shield.
I might do a breakdown of the effect once I’m finished! :slight_smile:


Would love to see breakdown too when u’re done. Especially the fluid like shield effect, can’t stop looking at it! :slight_smile:


I love the difference in the intensity of the flow from the starting point to the outter body. Will definetly look forward to seeing more!


This is lovely, it feels like it could be something out of Destiny 2.


Thank you for your comment. It’s really encouraging and push me to improve the effect.
I’ll show you the next step soon. :slight_smile:

For the breakdown I have to clean my shader node before I suppose. :wink:

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Astonishing :open_mouth:


Would love to see a breakdown of the shield texture / shader! Looks great! Feels like sands of time ish…


Hi there , it took me some time but here it is ! :slight_smile:
I’ll take some take to prepare you a quick breakdown next week!


Very pretty! I love the motion and colors you have here. Very fluid and calming :stuck_out_tongue: Well done.


Love the impact moments, i feel like the trail of the sheid that came from above could last a bit longer and dissolve into smaller bits :slight_smile:


Hi ! Thanks for yours comments.
@SlothTom that’s an helpfull feedback. I’m gonna working on it asap. :slight_smile:

But before I’d like to show you the first part of a breakdown of the pulse effect on the shield.
First increase the gradient (G or R it’s depending of the uvmap you are working on), adding time value.
If i let this in this state it will return a gradient between t and t+1 ( t mean time of course) .
Now I need to reset the gradient. There is different options, using Frac or Modulo.
I use modulo because it’s managable (frac.x = x Mod 1) to change the delay between impulse .

e.g : x mod 2, where x = gradient + t, means that my value will be reset every 2 sec at a max value of 1.99999.
So during the first second, the gradient will go from 0 to 1, then you’ll get a 1 second delay before the gradient start again. I clamp the value with a min function so it’s always between 0 and 1, and invert the result ( one minus ) so the gradient max value is close to the line of the pulse and fade behind.
After all this use a pow to manage the gradient fading.

Let’s see it in gif witn different parrameters:
Fmod2: Freq 1, mod 1

Fmod1 : Freq 2, mod 1

Fmod3 : Freq2, mod 2

Fmod4 : Freq 1 , mod 0.5

Fmod5 : Freq 1 mod 1, pow 2


Thank you for the breakdown and explanation, this really helps with learning where to start these kinds of effects!


This composition is beautifully balanced! and I think you chose great colors for it. Is there any chance you could show what the smokey and sparkle textures you were using?


I post my last version here before the deadline. Like the first time my computer is dying.
I will use another one to share a better catch soon.
It’s really frustrating for me, I hope you enjoy it anyway.


That finish is wonderful. Great job !