Morning Ocean

Wanted everyone to have the chance to spend a minute or two by the ocean today. Let me know if this helped anyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Music by Carmel Ekman - Vocal Liberation and Gal Nisman on instagram



Aww should have let the song finish :grin:

That’s great, I’m a fan!

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It was like 4 minutes long lol. I was like…“People wont watch for that long!” I wrong wrong, haha.

If you’re curious, this is a full 3D scene. Its not precaptured video. I didnt use video editing. Its not a premade simulation. You can fly around. It’s all customizable.
All I used was:
1 shader
1 texture
1 flat square model
and math

Are you tesselating? or is it just really high poly?

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Its a little of both @Wyvery. The resolution of the mesh wasnt super high to start, so I tesselate it slightly. Here is a vid of the wireframe.

You can also multiply whatever noise or mask input your using for displacement/wpo with the tesselation multiplier to save a bit of performance, so every vertice that isn’t being transformed doesn’t have tesselation.


The coloring looks great! Any insight in how you set it up? I cannot really wrap my head around how you make it look that clean.

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That’s an awesome suggestion @callandekeijzer!

I was thinking of adding something like this:

Which I came across here:

But your suggestion is great too :slight_smile:

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@raytheonly, good question. I’ve done a lot of experimenting with this stuff recently. The color comes from a combo of things. Subsurface scattering, screen space reflections, and a cubemap are the big three. Thats how it looks colorful and still clean and slick.

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yeah that looks like a good solution as well, but doesn’t the adaptive tessellation checkbox do something similar?

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I think you might be right about that @callandekeijzer, so you solution is another helpful layer of optimization.

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