Mim's Sketchbook

Last updated: 09/26/21

Hello everyone!

I’m an Environment Artist in the industry who graduated last year, always loved shaders & tech art stuff so I’ve been learning VFX in my spare time! As I said I’m a long time lurker on RTVFX, my aim is to broaden my skills & why not land a VFX job at some point.

Status effects :fire: :snowflake:

Zelda BOTW model & pose by theStoff

I’ve started with some status effects to get back into shuriken & VFX as a whole. My main reference is Overwatch, various stylized VFX but I’ve also tried to add my own touch!

There’s the burning VFX :fire: you can see in my #44 sketch

And actually the first status I’ve done is the Frosted :snowflake: one. I’d like to tweak the shader a bit to add icicles or ice deformation on the edges and add a floor decal to blend the mesh more. As I mentioned in my sketch post I would also want to animate them to work on the shader transition.


I want to keep this series a sort of “comfort zone” I can come back to when I feel stuck. Next on the list: poisoned, electrified… FFX’s Auto-Life tribute?

Explosions :boom:

After these statuses I wanted to work more on timing so I started a simple explosion. There’s only the climax right now, the dissipation needs a bit more work & I still need to think of a good anticipation (they are the hardest for me…).

Hope you’ll like it, I’ll keep you updated on my journey. A few things I’d like to try on my bucket list: a cool magicky projectile, sword slashes, more cinematic stuff… I’ve got ideas, just need to put them down now! :woman_mage:


I’ve been pretty busy this month, I’m still tinkering with my cube sketch so it may take a few more days… But I wanted to finish something to keep me going so here’s my explosion VFX done!

Texture work could be better but it’s the first explosion of this scale that I’ve made!
I think my next project will be a fanart of Sarah Carmody & Nibilli’s VFX (there are quite a few gorgeous concepts on Sarah’s artstation… :heartbeat: ) so that I can level up in painting textures for VFX.

This one for example ^ :revolving_hearts:

Well, keeping you updated!



So… Dived into the fan art right away. (sorry cube sketch)

I’ve been sketching with the textures I already have, my shaders are starting to feel nice! I also switched to Blender and learned the basics so there’s that.
Pretty happy with the direction! I’m also almost certain I will throw everything away though ahah. Tomorrow, I’m going to block the shapes & dive in curve hell, should be fun! I hope I’ll be able to get a similar flow to the original concept by Sarah.


Oh I love where this is going, can’t wait to see how it turns out when you’re done !


Thank you very much! :relaxed: I hope I can make something that looks at least half as good your concept does.


I still have a lot to do and… I actually spent all Sunday blocking out curves and it did not work out at all so I’m back to square one (and a half). Pretty bummed about it but it’s part of the process when you’re learning something new. :sob:

Both the blender file & scene were a mess, shaders are starting to feel okay but I need to make some tests with painted textures for the iridescent effects… as I said much to do! I think next time I’ll work out from the core to the outside instead of trying to block out everything at once.

But first I may need to give my cube sketch some love… :woozy_face:

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Doesn’t look like failure to me! Tbh looks spot on but just a few iterations away. I would normally say “trust the process and push through the ugly” but this isn’t even that <3. Keep it up! (or come back with fresh eyes later, cause this is looking great)



Thank you for the kind words. :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll push through!



I’ve remade the curves to have a better flow & added new textures, new shaders, tweaks.

I feel like there’s still a lot that could be improved (visual hierarchy, colors, contrast, the timing of everything etc.) but I’m going to put this effect on hold for now, go back to smaller projects & come back to it later. :relaxed:


Coming soon, projectiles, beams… simpler stuff! My mind needs to rest ahah.


:star2: Calling it done! :star2:
It was a challenge and everything could still be improved but - I’m really happy with it considering my skills rn. :relieved:


Again, thank you very much @SarahCarmody for the concept! :pray: I loved working on it ((even though the level of detail drove me insane ahah)).

On another note, here’s the VFX I’ve worked on to take a break from the nova! Just a “simple” projectile, turns out it’s a lot harder than it looks… I don’t have much of an art direction going on, wanted to play with interesting colours but could not make it look good so it’s orange. :no_mouth:


Next up is a beam, projectile anticipation… finding a style for the kit? Not really a fan of MOBAs so I can’t draw inspiration from my favourite characters & such. Didn’t want to dive into a fanart right after the nova too. :sweat: I’m sure I’ll work something out.

Behold, the Beam!


Don’t think I’ll be able to participate in the Dragon’s Breath sketch since I’m taking a break at the end of the month… but maybe I can bring my laptop on vacation with me. :sunglasses:


Back from my week off, made my take on a Winston techy shield last week!
I may combine it with my projectile to work on shield impacts but the WWVFX contest is coming soon and I’m pretty hyped so… I’ll see.



Ally & enemy colour swaps (bad tiling, need to tweak my texture in designer)