Matias Mahler: Sketch #25 Dot






So, after a long time watching this sketches events and loving the effects that people made, I desided to finally try out and have some fun :slight_smile:

I´m going for a burn fx, as I was already working with some fire fx the past month.
I use my reference to get the feel of my effects, in this case I like the rapid like thunder start and the power of the flames, as the way the body turns dark in contrast with the fire.

I already have a unlit master shader for my vfx that im working on currently.

Along with a tool to controll when, where and how to spawn the particles. At the same time when to drope them.

So this will help me to test it and develope a lit master shader for the body of the avatar.

Im working on putting together the animation, some mesh particles and a base flame to get the rapid feel.

This is how its getting:


I worked the ground base of the effect, the opaque shader ad some details.
I don’t know how regularly should I update or what exactly :thinking:

I developed an opaque shader with some functionality that i think will be in handy for this and some future effects.
In this case the more important functionality for me was a good control for scrolling textures (in this case the emission), and a distorter with which I could affect the textures.

For the fire shape I used meshes with fresnel and scrolling textures, this technique comes in handy to sell the soft edges.
Also, the fire has depth blend, I use it to blend it with the ground and also to let the body of the character affect the alpha and let it dark.

And to break a little the fire silhouette and add some credibility I added some particles using the skinned mesh as the shape.


So cool! I’ll look forward for updates on this one! :3


I´m so glad you like it! :grin:



Update #3:
Working on the spawn of the fx.
Still work in progress, dont know if I will change the sigil, not sure if I like it. Guess I´ll try some more iterations to see if end up liking it or ill change it to something more natural and not so magic.
Maybe some cracks in the floor or a thunder :thinking:

For the sigil design I used this sourse for now:


I’m loving this so far!! Simple and gets the point across very well! I like how you’re doing the spawn into the main fire part using the rune circle at the bottom. Colors and elements look really nice and flow in well with the effect.

One thing I’d suggest is to try and implement a “cause and effect” into your piece. What is causing the rune to burst into flame? Maybe an anticipation flare that sucks in while the rune grows, holds and then bursts!

I like the fire style you’ve got going on so you don’t “HAVE” to change it if you don’t want to. Think about what happens to the fire after it burns him off! Maybe adding some burned left over scorch marks on the groundat the end can enhance the look too.

Over all, I love where this is going and can’t wait to see it finished! Hope this helps dude. :smiley:


Thank you so much for the feedback Veer, this helps me a lot!:grinning:
I see what you suggest, I´ll work on it!
Thanks again.:grin:


Update #


Still Working on the spawn of the fx, the timing still needs some work.