Sketch #25: Winners and Badges!

All right everybody, the moderators have finished voting! There were soo many great entries this time around we had a hard time narrowing down the entries. But here are the winners of this month’s challenge!

1st Place :1st_place_medal::
@Mahler Matias Mahler: Sketch #25 Dot

2nd Place: :2nd_place_medal:
@SaltShakerLive Juane Gray: Sketch #25 Root

If you didn’t have time to finish your entry, feel free to continue to iterate on it. Alternatively, if you want a fresh new challenge, take a look at this months Sketch which will be posted soon :eyes:. Thanks again for all the participation. We’ll see you in the next Sketch!


Great! Good job everybody and congratulations to @Mahler @SaltShakerLive!

Oh hey would ya look at that :smiley: Thanks!! Great work everyone !

hmmm… ((

While I understand your disappointment. Winners are not decided by the number of likes, it is voted on by our panel of moderators at RTVFX. This is to avoid giving frequent posters an unfair advantage in terms of visibility of threads. You were in pretty close contention for 2nd place, but one of the reasons you lost out was that while your effect was technically brilliant, you did not have a “release” phase to your Root effect. Hope that explains the reasoning :slight_smile:


Wow :scream:
Thanks!! :smiley::grin:


Incredible work from so many people! Congrats to the winners!


well done guys! congratz! i love your effect @PixelPerfect, i thought you would make 1st place but i can understand that the missing release-phase brings other participants a bit further in line. in any way, you and also all other participans did a fantastic job! <3

Yeah, congrats to all! :smiley:

congrats to all! All the entries were great :slight_smile:

Due to the lack of free time I’ve decided that the most important part for the win is technical innovation,
and focused on that…

It was easy to simply change forces on tentacles to make them “relax” and add some dissolve or to do a Voronoi fracture + gravity to break apart.
But I decided to focus on improving sidefx shader… (more challenging thing)

I was assuming that my goal is to do something impressive not for gamers, but for vfx developers… something special technically. My personal goal was not a final product but some innovative prototype.

I’ve got an endorsement from topic readers in the form of likes and was not worried about the absence of release phase.

Anyway smile on the avatar isn’t something i’m going to worry about, but not to get it was an unpleasant surprise for me.

Hey pixel, I defenitely understand the frustration. We’ve been working on improving our judging system over time, so things are defenitely not perfect. The old system of like-based winners had it’s faults, as mentioned above, and may take the community some time to ease off of relying on.

The current judging system has our mods/admin voting for their top picks. As suggested, the results are going to be biased. This last sketch was one of the closer ones we’ve had as far as top entries in the run. We’re not exhagerating when we say there were so many great entries this month! Across 5 admin/mod voters, we came up with the winners for this month, based on the judging criteria you can find in the sketch description.

Looking ahead, the dream is having the community able to vote for their favorite entries without entrants needing to constantly bump their post with updates to receive more likes (as the old system was). I imagine a voting system where it would shuffle all the entries per community voter, and allow users to rank each entry 1-10 stars or something similar, tallying scores at the end. This would eradicate most of the bias and really hand controls back over to the community as intended!

Hopefully this sheds some light on our current process. As always, we’re open to suggestions and feedback on how to improve as a community!


Please be humble <3

these are not competitions, just a way to express yourself in a certain way :slight_smile: