Material keep disappear when keyframe material of staticmesh import into sequence (UE5)

Hello guys, I’m trying to keyframe alpha material of a StaticMeshComponent, but dont know why when I save or repeat the sequence, the material keep disappear.

Anyone know the reason? Thank you very much.

Hi congtri88,

It was fun to try and repro all the ways to break this one. It seems the Spawned track does not play nice with material changes. There are a lot of different will work one way till you scrub the timeline to a point or save at a different point.

A few solutions are:

You can use sequencer to spawn meshes that already have the material you want saved to that mesh as the default material.

You can put the things you want in your sequence in the level and then assign those meshes a material in the level editor and then add the item to sequencer.

Or you can add a Material Switcher track to the StaticMeshComponent and then assign the material you’re using to that track.

I’m sure there are also ways you can fix it in blueprint too, but I hope this helps.

Hello MRvfx
Thank you very much, those solutions worked.
I found a first solution myself, but it not flexible in some massive work, the other 2 can do a trick.