Manipulating UVs in UE5 question

hey all, i have a curve with a texture scrolling across it for an FX i am doing, but the texture is facing the wrong way on the mesh. is there a way for me to create a parameter that will allow me to rotate the UVs of the mesh to make the texture face correctly, or do i have to do this manually?

Also, if such a parameter can be made, am i able to apply it so that it lets me rotate on 90 degree intervals? say i have a texture that is horizontal that i want to scroll, but the mesh UVs are vertical, would i be able to rotate the UVs of said mesh to match that texture?

If your UVs are facing the wrong direction, you would need to flip/rotate it in a 3D software. To the best of my knowledge, rotating UVs in a material editor or shader does something else. You need to ensure your UVs are facing the right direction before exporting your mesh, except it is intended to face the wrong direction for artistic reasons.

You can use the Custom Rotator node. Sounds to me like that’s what you are looking for?

You can also rotate the mesh UVs in Unreal in the Modeling Mode. Just drag the mesh into the level and with it selected change the mode.

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Modeling tools have become really handy. They advanced a lot recently and it’s super useful for small adjustments / creating simple VFX meshes.