Making niagara system to run on Two's(like stop motion)

i have been using niagara to do crowd simulations. but the character animation is in Twos.
basicaly skips every other frame . so since the particle sim is in ones (Normal Frame rate) it
is creating non sync between animation and partcle sim.
can someone help me making niagara sim in Twos …
i tried making it to 12 fps …doesnt seem to work
thank you

This is a very interesting topic. From what I have seen, you can not set individual tick to Niagara actors or components. The only tick you can change is the event tick in Bluprint, but it does not affect Niagara components. (I am assuming the physics engine for Niagara needs a stable tick to work properly). The only theoretical solution for me would be to use an HLSL node in the last module to interpolate the position with an if statement that updates the position attribute every 1/12 of a second. Unfortunately I have not learned any HlSL code yet :sweat_smile: to test it properly, but maybe this leads to a possible solution without using the source code.

P.S. I am not a technical artist, so there are many gaps in knowledge, but I am really interested in the solution. :smiley: