Madosho's sketchbook: The road to VFX

I think right now this is getting close to final. Right I’m only planning on doing the finetuning of everything. But I’m really curious for your feedback and crits, and open for any other suggestions :slight_smile:


I think that is a wrap! Thank you so much for all the input the last couple off weeks. This helped to make it grow immensely. Well worth it to go through the entire proces, all the while learning a tonne :grin:


Wow very nice man! I’ve beengoing through this frame by frame and it looks HOT (No pun intended)
This shot is easily my favorite part

Everythign just looks so chunky and bright, but not so much that it gets lost.


Heheh, cheers man :D. Really happy to hear that.

Hey! Great textures/motion/staging :slight_smile:


  • Ejection starts moving before the contraction (timing’s off)
  • You’ve got some camera shake, but the contraction of the sun feels more forceful than the ejection.
  • The eye tends to stay focused on the bright star rather than following the ejection’s motion (brightest/quickest moving element draws the eye)
  • Sun surface could have some more turbulent motion within (Looks static)


  • Try skipping the “Suns” animation between 8-9secs where it contracts a little, then lingers before transforming back.
  • Perhaps dimming the sun to a red/orange when it’s unloads the energy.
  • Having the sun scale down along with the ejection will give more of a sense of energy transferral, and give the eye a chance to follow the flare (which could also be boosted in brightness until the impact).

Thanks for these man :D. Sweet tips as well! Quite a few things I still overlooked, but some problems I had with this finally start to become clear. I will let it simmer for a bit and go into it again with a fresh eye and I’ll be sure to implement those :grin:

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Sorry for the big bump! Finally had some time to do some personal stuff. Mostly stocking up on getting some ideas out.